The 22-year-old jabbed more than 20 students on their arms, legs and buttocks if they didn't go to sleep when instructed.

Lan told the Baqiao People's Court at a hearing that she was trying to scare the misbehaving children and regretted her actions.

"I am very, very sorry. I understand that I mismanaged the children," she the court on January 29 before she was sentenced to eight months behind bars on Tuesday.

Disturbing CCTV footage showed Lan holding down two students at the pre-school in Xi'an city's Yanta district in Shaanxi province last June.


According to a statement released by the Baqiao People's Court, the woman, who is a recent university graduate in education, grossly mistreated and abused the children under her care.

"As a parent myself, I am deeply angered by the defendant's behaviour," the judge told the court.

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