The MTA is doubling up.

New York City Transit will test its first double-decker bus, agency officials announced Monday.

The two-story-tall blue bus will initially only run in Staten Island, but New York City Transit head Andy Byford plans to run more of them across the system if this one is a hit.

The double-decker bus is part of Byford’s bus-improvement plan, which he will release later Monday.

The plan will also include reconsideration of every bus route in the system, as well as a path toward all-door boarding once the MTA’s new payment system is in place, officials said.

Byford’s bus plan is modeled after MTA Chairman Joe Lhota’s Subway Action Plan, which he released last summer to try to stem massive delays in the system.

The bus plan’s main goals are to make buses faster and more efficient, as well as bring riders back into the system, officials said.

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