South York rises from the ashes: Oligarch’s luxurious reborn mansion takes shape 10 years after he paid Prince Andrew £15million for the Queen’s wedding present

  • Billionaire Timur Kulibayev, son-in-law of Kazakh President, bought it in 2007
  • Overpaid the asking price by £3m, the Prince was reportedly working as his fixer
  • Andrew’s wedding present from the Queen was then demolished by Kulibayev
  • The renovated home will have six bedrooms, a sauna, steam-room and pool 

It was abandoned for years after Prince Andrew controversially sold it to a Kazakh oligarch.

But now a sprawling new mansion is rising from the ruins of Sunninghill Park, once dubbed SouthYork.

As our exclusive picture shows, work is nearing completion on the site of the former home of the Duke and Duchess of York that was nicknamed after the Southfork ranch in the 1980s TV show Dallas.

1. Tennis Court 2. Orchard 3. Meadow grasses 4. Stream water feature 5. Sun deck 6. Children’s play area 7. Fountain 8. Children’s garden 9. Huge split-level terrace 10. 25m indoor swimming pool with garden on roof 11. Kitchen garden 12. Four-vehicle garage 13. Staff quarters 14. Fountain 15. Guardhouse

Sunninghill Park, known at the time as SouthYork, after Southfork in the hit 1980s Dallas TV show, was sold to billionaire Timur Kulibayev in 2007

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson pictured at Wentworth Golf Course in Surrey before their divorce in May 1996

Billionaire Timur Kulibayev, son-in-law of Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev, bought the estate near Windsor Great Park in 2007 for £15 million – £3 million above the asking price.

It was later reported that Andrew had been acting as a fixer in Kulibayev’s business deals.

The Kazakh billionaire left the house empty and demolished it three years ago.

The new red-roofed property that is taking shape will boast six en suite bedrooms, a sauna, ice room and steam room, a gym and treatment room and games room on the ground floor. 

Upstairs there is a ‘children’s wing’ with two en suite bedrooms, dressing rooms and a nanny’s quarters.

Across the landing are two master bedroom suites with balconies and dressing rooms and a living room, and there is also a 25m indoor swimming pool.

Outside, there will be a 60m split-level terrace with rose and scented gardens and a ‘performing arts space’.

A computer generated mock-up of how the building will look after the renovations are completed

Work is well and truly underway at the former Royal mansion, with construction worker’s cars parked outside beside containers full of building materials

An area has been set aside for a wendy house, trampoline and children’s garden, and a 60m ‘runnel’ water feature leads towards a tennis court.

At the front of the house are quarters for seven security and other staff, plus a manned guard house.

The estate was a wedding gift from the Queen to Andrew and his bride, and the couple moved in in 1990.

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