DISGUSTED residents have told of how their nightmare neighbour throws soiled nappies and other "vile" objects out his window.

The neighbours claim that as well as the dirty nappies, they've seen human excrement and soiled loo roll on the man's conservatory roof, which they say he's hurled there himself.

The group, who live in East London, are at their wits end as they say their complaints to council have fallen on deaf ears.

When The Sun Online visited the street yesterday, one neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “Can you see something brown? I’m not joking, that’s exactly what you think it is.”

What appeared to be a poo was resting on the lead flashing below the bathroom window of the end of terrace house.

The neighbour added: "It's unhinged behaviour.

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"Everyone in this road is completely normal apart from them."

The residents claim the soiled tissues and nappies end up blowing into the culprit's own garden in high winds.

Another neighbour said they have also found unwrapped nappies in the street at the end of their road and on the pavement – but it is unclear if this belonged to the family.

No tissues or nappies were visible when The Sun visited but previous photos show soiled hankies in a landing zone beneath the window.

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One of the pictures of the mess was shared on social media, sparking disgust.  

One person commented: "OMG that is foul".

Another simply wrote: "Why!?"

The Barking and Dagenham Council said it had received five complaints about the property in the last five years.

A spokesperson said they had taken a range of actions in that time, including slapping the neighbour with a fine and sending them a warning letter.

The neighbours have also said they wake to a chorus of "constant" hacking each morning, as the man gobs a mouthful of phlegm out his first storey.

The neighbour added: "All you can hear is his honking and snorting each morning. He’s yacking his guts up.

"As soon as I know they’re at their window I go back in, I’m not putting up with that.

"It would be nice to have been able to enjoy my garden this summer. But no, all you can hear is him."

When The Sun visited the address the man could be heard loudly yacking his guts up inside.

The neighbour claimed he had complained to the council, but said they didn't do anything.

It is vile, there are no other words.

He said: "It's in their own garden so there is nothing you can do.

"It definitely gets to me.  It is vile, there are no other words."

The homeowner did not respond to comment when The Sun approached them at their home.

In a statement, Barking and Dagenham Council spokesperson told The Sun Online: "The council have received 5 complaints regarding fly tipping and rubbish disposal at this property since 2017.

"Following the first complaint, a Fixed Penalty Notice was issued and was subsequently paid by the resident.

“Following another three complaints (2019 and 2021), a visit was undertaken and found there to be no debris or rubbish, so no further action was taken, and the case was closed.

“Another complaint only included evidence of an invoice for the residents of the property.

"As such, further evidence of the waste was requested and never received so no further action was taken.

"Following the most recent complaint, a warning letter was sent to the landlord of the property."

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The spokesperson added: “Where we receive complaints, we investigate, and relevant action was taken were appropriate to do so.

“The team will be paying a visit to the property to investigate these new concerns.”

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