"Today’s the day I officially became old and began to despise the youth," said Jarrod Gilbert, an academic who’s frankly had enough.

Jarrod’s upset because of a new pair of jeans. If you can call them jeans?

Really, they’re just the waist and seams of a pair of trousers. The rest has been cut away, leaving a sort of denim thong at the top and bizarre knee protectors at the front.

When Paul Rogers saw the design, he too felt a pang of age: "Apparently, a time comes in everyone’s life when they look at the latest fashion and immediately feel old. For me, that time is now."

Here they are:

The jeans are the work of Los Angeles fashion house Carmar. They cost £122.

Carmar is known for its frugal use of material. But the new pair are the most outlandish yet. The design clearly favours those partial to exhibitionism.

Their Extreme Cut Out Jeans have just gone on sale. They’re described by makers as "a high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back."

They’ve already sparked a bit of a debate.

"Please somebody tell me this is a joke shop and there aren’t people dumb enough to pay $168 for this," said one shopper. No. Not everyone’s a fan.

On Imgur, where a picture of the jeans was first shared, the title says: "Millennial hipsters are now invading the fashion industry".

@GeekRemix commented: "I need an explanation". MSN called the product "outrageous".

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