Pig’s blood avenger turns on the royals and calls Prince Charles ‘a dull sod’, Princess Anne ‘a bitch’ and says Diana was wronged

  • Lizzie Purbrick, 63, smeared pig’s blood all over the bedroom of Lord Prior’s flat
  • Scorned woman also drew a three-foot penis on the floor of the Tory peer’s home
  • Now, after her bloody revenge, she sprays her venom at Prince Charles and Anne

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – as the aristocracy and political elite are quickly discovering from Lizzie Purbrick.

The 63-year-old former Olympic show-jumper – who claimed she was striking a blow for ‘wronged women everywhere’ when she drenched the home of her former lover, Lord Prior, in pig’s blood – this weekend turned her ire on members of the Royal Family and senior Westminster figures.

Recalling her upbringing among Norfolk’s horsey set, she boasted that she ‘rode with Princess Anne all the time’, who she added could be ‘spectacularly rude – like her father’. Ms Purbrick added: ‘She can cut you down to the size of that. She just turns round and looks at you. She can be a b****.’

Purbrick (left, outside court, and right, at the 1980 Olympics) admitted causing criminal damage after daubing pig’s blood all over Lord Prior of Brampton’s flat

Bloodbath: Lord Prior’s bedroom was covered in pig’s blood by the scorned Olympian 

Lady Sarah McCorquodale, the sister of the late Princess of Wales, is godmother to one of her children and she knew Diana long before she married Prince Charles.

‘Poor Diana, my heart went out to her, she was a wronged person,’ Ms Purbrick said. ‘Prince Charles is a pretty dull sod.’

Shifting her aim, she compared politics to riding, saying: ‘It’s all adrenaline and power. I think all politicians now are dishonest, or dreadful or dull.’

She said she had found Business Minister Lord Prior sanctimonious at times: ‘He’d say “that dreadful [Michael] Gove”. I love Govey, I know him terribly well, we’d have dinner with him, it’s just so insincere.’

Lizzie Purbrick (pictured on Wednesday) admitted causing criminal damage at the south London flat of 63-year-old David Prior (right)

Ms Purbrick  also drew a three-foot penis on the floor amid allegations Lord Prior was sleeping with another woman

She also admits casting a roving eye over Lord Prior’s colleagues including, much to her lover’s irritation, Boris Johnson. ‘He used to get really angry when I said Boris is hugely fanciable, but there’s something about Boris. You can just see him getting you and “grrrrrr-rrrrr”. He’s great.’

Although Ms Purbrick claims her colourful life in and out of the saddle might have partly inspired Jilly Cooper’s bonkbuster Riders, last week her antics were detailed instead in the sombre surroundings of Camberwell Green magistrates’ court. And what bloody vengeance she wrought.

Not content with just cutting up Lord Prior’s clothing – which she used to make a cross pinned to the wall – she carted nine litres of pig’s blood 150 miles in suitcases on the train, before daubing, spraying and pouring it liberally around his flat.

The damage was only discovered when alarmed neighbours spotted the blood seeping under the front door to the flat into the street. Pools of blood were left to dry on the single bed inside the Tory peer’s London apartment

The blood was sprayed all over the property using this canister carrying five litres of the gory fluid

On the walls, she described his lover as a ‘whore’ and ‘lady slut’. A 3ft penis drawn in blood adorned the carpet, complete with the label ‘Big Dik Lord’.

‘I’m proud to fly the flag for wronged women everywhere. He was a lying, double-cheating ****,’ she said after the hearing last week, where she was given a community service order. ‘I just wanted to really upset him.

‘A lot of women are usually so dull, cutting the sleeves off suits and things like that, but I wanted to make a real point. I think I did that.’

The prosecutor said neighbours were alarmed when they saw red liquid spilling out from the front door out into the street (pictured) and called the police

In one revealing anecdote, Ms Purbrick revealed that her vengeful streak went back a long way, describing herself as ‘bonkers, very, very wild, a nutter’.

‘My first boyfriend dumped me when I was 17. He had a lovely treehouse in the woods and I remember I set fire to it. He was furious.’

Two days before the bloodbath in May, she had walked in on Lord Prior, 63, in bed with his lover, a titled woman who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Recalling the quintessentially British tableau which followed, she said: ‘It was ten past ten on a Monday morning, and they were hard at it. They leapt out of bed and David said, “Let’s go and have a cup of coffee”. We sat like some English comedy, all around the smart table making polite conversation, then I got up and left.’ Her rage boiling over, she dropped in at her local butcher’s in North Norfolk, telling him that she was putting on a production of Macbeth and needed the blood as a prop.

‘He said, “Ooh, that’ll be lovely”,’ she recalls. ‘He gave me so much he must have thought Lady Macbeth was going to die 100 times.’

She even brought along her own garden weed sprayer to fill up with blood, intending to dab a few choice insults, but admits that a kind of blood lust got the better of her.

  • ‘He was a madman in the bed chamber!’ Ex-Olympic showjumper…

    ‘Excruciatingly funny!’: How former Olympic showjumper, 63,…

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‘I got on a bit of a high,’ she told The Times. ‘I’m an adrenaline junkie so I thought I had to give it the whole hog. The painting took two can-fuls, so I thought, “What do I do with the rest?”

‘I just poured it into the doorwell. There was so much it just sloshed over the top and down to the road.’

The terrified next-door neighbour in Kennington, South London, called the murder squad as blood dripped down to the pavement, but by then Ms Purbrick had turned herself in at a local police station. ‘It was harmless. It was just funny, excruciatingly funny,’ she said.

Lord Prior, however, didn’t see the joke, particularly as the mess cost £15,000 to put right. How much lasting damage his new nickname of ‘Lord Legover’ will cause remains to be seen.

Ms Purbrick said Prince Charles was a ‘dull sod’ and that she felt sorry for Princess Diana  

Ms Purbrick, who won a gold medal at the 1981 European Championships and once represented Great Britain in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, said their affair began eight years ago.

Estranged from her husband, retired British Army Colonel Reginald Purbrick – once demoted after ordering his regiment’s tanks to cross a field of asparagus in Germany – she moved from South Africa to live with Lord Prior.

‘Like all relationships, it was bloody marvellous at the beginning,’ she recalled. ‘We met at a dinner party in Norfolk – the hotbed of sex – and I moved in with him four days later. It was love at first sight – head over heels on my behalf, raw attraction to a lovely man.’

The former three-day eventer was clearly never going to be intimidated by the great and the good she would encounter on the arm of former Tory MP Lord Prior, the son of the late Northern Ireland Secretary James Prior.

When her defence solicitor Simon Nicholls compared her case in court to a Jilly Cooper novel, he couldn’t have put it better, according to Ms Purbrick.

‘Jilly came and stayed with [my husband and me] up in Leicestershire when she wrote Riders. Everyone says it was based on us because we were quite a couple.

‘She’s in Gloucestershire where it all goes on. Norfolk is quite steady in comparison to that or Leicestershire, where it’s “wham bam, thank you ma’am” at half time when they’re hunting. It’s hot stuff.

‘All the sex happens in the hunting world – leather and sex, it’s all very erotic – and adrenaline. When you’ve jumped 40 fences and your blood is up and you’re sweaty on your thighs.’

Then there are the jodhpurs. ‘If you see these girls now that jump – the breeches… every crack in the body is revealed.’

She believes the upper classes are more driven towards sex – and can spare the time. ‘Hunting isn’t posh but I would say that behaviour is slightly more confined to the top –the butcher has to go back and work, whereas the toffs don’t.’

But one person who doesn’t think Ms Purbrick’s life of raunch, riding and revenge would fit so neatly into a Jilly Cooper novel is… Jilly Cooper herself.

‘Not my style at all,’ the 81-year-old novelist told The Mail on Sunday yesterday from her home in Gloucestershire. ‘The use of blood was pretty grim and the things she wrote were a bit coarse for one of my characters to be honest. It’s a horrible thing to do to someone’s house, isn’t it?’

So what about Ms Purbrick being the inspiration for Riders? ‘I don’t want to be rude in not remembering her, but it’s possible her husband knew mine and we stayed with them. I don’t remember.

Recalling her upbringing among Norfolk’s horsey set, Ms Purbrick boasted that she ‘rode with Princess Anne all the time’, who she added could be ‘spectacularly rude’

‘But I suppose if we did meet, she may have been one of many such people who left an impression, but it clearly wasn’t all that lasting.’

Two years ago, Ms Cooper confirmed that the inspiration for Rupert Campbell-Black, the womaniser in Riders, was three ‘glamorous and charismatic’ men: Andrew Parker Bowles, Michael Howard, the Earl of Suffolk, and Rupert Lycett Green, a fashion designer. ‘I want to say they are all impeccably behaved and that I made up the bad behaviour,’ Ms Cooper added at the time.

Unlike Lord Prior, with whom Ms Purbrick admits to not having much in common as he ‘doesn’t even know what the mane is on a horse’. But she nevertheless left her life in South Africa and three grown-up sons to move in with him at his farm in Norfolk.

‘We had shooting, we had lovely cattle, beautiful water meadows. I was so happy. I thought my life had started all over again,’ she said. ‘But one’s life goes through phases and you move quietly on. Well, this wasn’t so quiet.’

After five years of happiness, she began to get suspicious. ‘It was just so unkind the way he did it,’ she said. ‘He’s just a dirty, dirty scoundrel.

‘He carried on for six months under my nose when I didn’t know what was going on.’

She discovered he had been unfaithful through text messages on his phone, ‘the way women normally find out about these things’.

‘He had just got this job and he took me out to a very smart dinner and said, “I’m so sorry, I’m going to work for the next ten years, I can’t carry on this relationship. Why don’t you go to South Africa and have more time there, sweet pea, and we’ll just bumble on.”

‘He was going to have his cake and eat it, the b******. He was very devious. He said it was all because he didn’t want to hurt me but he was just a plain coward.’

Shortly afterwards, she confronted him in Norfolk. ‘I said, “David you know this is just lies.” We lasted about a week. There were some naughty texts and emails, hundreds and hundreds of them.’

She couldn’t help developing a grudging admiration for her rival. ‘There was some real filth from her, unutterable filth that you can’t believe. I really admired her actually. But then Lord Prior is not what he appears to be. He’s a sex fiend.’

She resigned herself to the fact that the relationship was over, but that was before she travelled to Norfolk to collect her belongings and walked in on the couple.

Now back in Natal, South Africa, Ms Purbrick is hoping to relaunch her equestrian business and reacquaint herself with her sons. She enjoys an amicable relationship with estranged husband ‘Reggie’.

With a £170 fine and a community service order, there are no regrets, and she believes the incident and attendant publicity stopped his nascent relationship with the other woman, as well as maximising Lord Prior’s embarrassment.

‘I think the Lords might be looking at him a bit sideways,’ she said. ‘He would have got the wall repainted and nobody would have known but it went fabulously my way. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would go so well.’

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