How did he do that? Pilot performs impressive mid-air roll – without spilling his drink

  • Pilot posts video online of himself performing impressive mid-air stunt
  • Man wrote that he was inspired to perform trick by air show pilot Bob Hoover

A pilot successfully pulled of a mid-air stunt that could have resulted in him getting soaked with water.

The clip, which was filmed two weeks ago, shows the pilot flying his plane off the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles over the Pacific Ocean with a glass of water on the dashboard.

We see him spin the plane around in the sky without the glass of water moving an inch.    

The pilot posted the video online and wrote: ‘Inspired by Bob Hoover, who was a famous test pilot with Chuck Yeager and later became an airshow pilot: There’s a video of him pouring water into a cup while doing a roll. I’m not there yet!’ he said.

Robert Anderson ‘Bob’ Hoover was a United States Army Air Forces fighter pilot, USAF and civilian test pilot, flight instructor, air show pilot, and aviation record-setter. 

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As he performs the trick, the glass can be seen remaining still on the dashboard. The man wrote online that he was inspired byUnited States Army Air Forces fighter pilot  Bob Hoover

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