A pizza-loving obese dad who didn’t leave his home for two years because he was so ashamed of his size has shed almost 300lbs (21.5 stone).

Logan Goodall, 38, said his 575lbs (41 stone) frame made it difficult for him to walk and he developed serious health issues , which threatened his life.

The former lumberyard worker’s weight began to spin out of control in 2010 as he struggled to cope with his divorce and his father’s death in 2012.

Dad-of-two Logan was forced to quit his job as his out-of-control weight gain made it impossible to carry out the demanding physical labour it required.

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At his heaviest, size 7XL Logan could no longer fit behind the wheel of his truck and stopped leaving his house because he did not want to people to see how big he had become.

Logan, who is dad to Alexander, 13, and Allison, 10, would starve himself all day before chowing down on a mammoth 6000-calorie feast of cheesy pizza, chicken wings, ice-cream washed down with several liters of soda.

The dad’s moment of clarity came in January 2017 when he was rushed to hospital with breathing issues.

Logan’s oxygen levels were dangerously low, and he was diagnosed with type two diabetes, blood clots in his lungs and congestive heart failure.

The hospital stay motivated Logan, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to change his ways.

He swapped his pizzas for lean chicken and salads shedding an incredible 288lbs in 15 months.

The dad, who now weighs 287lbs and wears a size 2XL, said he finally has control of his life after years of being a prisoner to the pounds.

Logan said."I felt completely worthless. Everything I was trying I failed. I would start a diet and I would fail.

"At 575lbs, I hated myself so much that I thought I would be doing everyone a favor if I just died.

"For two years I didn’t leave the house. I had become a complete recluse and my anxiety was really high.

"I just didn’t want anyone to see me.

"The weird thing was I wouldn’t eat all day long usually, until dinner time but in one sitting I could eat up to 6000 calories.

"The delivery guy knew me by name.

"I would order a large pizza, wings, pop, and a dessert too.

"Every time I did it I would tell myself: ‘This is the last time’ and of course it wouldn’t be.

"I’d hate myself even more.

"In January 2017, I was coming down the stairs and I couldn’t catch my breath.

"I had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital and it was so embarrassing. In the hospital, everything that could have been wrong with me was.

"I was suffering from sleep apnea, I was hooked up to oxygen.

"I was diagnosed with type two diabetes, I was in congestive heart failure.

"I was suffering pulmonary embolisms and deep vein thrombosis."

"I was worried I wouldn’t see my kids grow up."

When he was released from hospital, Logan embarked on a high protein, low carb diet and also took up swimming to shift the pounds.

Since taking control of his diet, the dad managed to reverse his type two diabetes and his heart’s health has vastly improved.

"It’s unreal to me that I’ve managed to achieve this.

"Diet was the main way I have lost weight, but I started swimming with my friend and that really took the pressure off my joints."

Logan plans to return to community college in the fall in the hopes of rejoining the workforce but said his children’s happiness has been the most positive thing to come from his weight loss.

Logan said: "Changing my life was the only option for me. I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to see my kids grow up.

"My kids are over the moon. They have their dad back after all these years."

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