‘Prisoners get better accommodation’: UK police drafted in to protect Trump moan about being forced to sleep in a sports centre with 300 stretcher beds, cold showers and no phone chargers

  • Around 10,000 police officers have been drafted in to protect Donald Trump
  • But some have expressed anger after being given camp beds in a large gym
  • Officers say they have difficulty sleeping and washing before 12-hours shifts 

Police officers drafted in to handle Donald Trump’s visit to the UK have hit out at the ‘disaster zone’ accommodation in which they’ve been put up.

Up to 10,000 police officers have been drafted in to protect the US President from mass protests and the threat of a terror attack when he visits Britain today.

But pictures posted by police online show some have been given camp beds in a gym hall while others have groundsheets placed on the floor.

Police drafted in to protect Donald Trump during his trip to London have been put up in this sports hall, with around 300 camp beds crammed in

Another picture shows mats put on the floor of a squash court for six other officers

Photos of the spartan sleeping arrangements were shared by John Apter, Chairman of the Hampshire Police Federation, which represents some of the rank and file officers brought from the south coast.

He tweeted: ‘Prisoners arrested last night will have had better accommodation than those #police officers ensuring the Presidential visit runs smoothly.

‘Police chiefs who talk well-being of their people need to take a long hard look at this. This is not acceptable.’

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It is said around 300 officers are staying in the gym, with some complaining of freezing cold showers. 

One policeman responding to the pictures said: ‘Absolute disgrace! The first picture looks like we’ve been displaced after a natural disaster, and the second! Sleeping on a gym floor! The organisers should hang their heads in shame, once they get out of their nice comfy beds!’

It is understood that many police being put up in place where the president is staying have been given hotel rooms, although the quality of accommodation is not the same for all.

Hundreds of riot vans full of PCs will take to the streets today, tomorrow and  to stop planned rallies and marches turning violent – particularly when they clash with supporters of the controversial US president.

Police officers expressed their anger over the conditions in the gym last night

Hampshire police federation chair John Apter said criminals had better sleeping arrangements


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