PORTLAND police were sprayed with chemicals by demonstrators during a protest on Monday that sent one officer to the hospital and resulted in at least 24 people being arrested.

Late Monday night and into early Tuesday morning, protesters gathered outside the Portland Police Association headquarters.

Fox News reported that five officers were sprayed with chemical irritants by demonstrators while participating in an unlawful assembly in Kenton Neighborhood.

A police sergeant was sent to the hospital after being punched in the face.

The demonstration was one of many that have happened in Portland and around the country to support Black Lives Matter and protest against police brutality.

Protests have continued in Portland for more than 120 consecutive days.

On Monday night, police responded to an unpermitted march at Kenton Park and saw demonstrators carrying shields, wearing body armor and helmets.

"The posture of the gathering suggested that it would become violent, as many such gatherings have been over the past 120-plus days," a statement from the Portland Police Bureau read. "To lower the likelihood that members of the gathering would use the shields to protect those intent on committing crimes such as throwing objects at police, officers moved into the park and seized numerous shields."

People in the crowd who interfered with the police's actions were arrested.

At the park, police spotted a silver Subaru sedan driving dangerously.

They conducted a vehicle stop and found a loaded handgun inside. The driver was cited for driving uninsured, without a seat belt and failing to signal a turn.

When officers "disengaged" from the park demonstrators threw water bottles at them.

Using a loudspeaker, officers told demonstrators they could be in the park but did not have a permit to march or demonstrate in the street.

Later during the night, demonstrators moved to the Portland Police Association.

"Due to the persistent violence from individuals within the crowd, officers advised that it was an unlawful assembly via loudspeaker and Twitter," the Police Bureau said. "The assembly was ordered to disperse by traveling to the north on sidewalks."

The crowd finally dispersed at approximately 1:30 a.m. and police made a total of 24 arrests.

Some of the people arrested reportedly wore "heavy body armor with rifle plating, were marked with 'press' insignia and carrying a 'press' pass, and possessed weapons such as knives and OC spray," the Police Bureau said.

One protesters ran away from the police after throwing a full-sized baseball at officers.

Those arrested were booked at Multnomah County Detention Center on several changes including interfering with a peace officer and disorderly conduct.

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