British Instagram prankster is arrested by Spanish police over video showing him pushing a BMW into a river at a protected beauty spot near Marbella

  • The 27-year old  Instagrammer was arrested on November 23 in Marbella, Spain
  • He had posted videos of himself driving recklessly and pushing a car into a river
  • The Spanish police also suspect he owned two cars with the same license plates 

A 27- year old British Instagrammer has been arrested by National Police in Marbella, Spain for dangerous driving and pushing a car into a river. 

The Instagrammer identified as R.T., has been charged with crimes against road safety, against the environment and document forgery after posting incriminating videos on social media. 

He was caught after posting videos of himself recklessly driving on roads frequented by athletes on Instagram- and at one ocassion dumping a BMW into a river.  

The Instagrammer was filmed pushing a BMW into the Guadaiza River, along with four other men and a woman

He was filmed pushing a vehicle into the Guadaiza River, just above the municipal stadium of San Pedro, posing a serious environmental risk as the areas has been classified as  a Special Conservation Area. 

The man who was with with four other men and a woman, removed the license plates before abandoning the car. 

He was previously known for dangerous driving. 

In addition the police allegedly found two cars with the same license plates, both belonging to the prakster, which were also featured on his Instagram posts.   

The Guadaiza River near Marbella has been classified as a Special Conservation Area

The investigation was launched after local Marbella police removed the BMW from the river. 

After several enquiries they were able to identify the owner of the car from the videos found on his social media account, including the one where he can be seen pushing the car into the water. 

He was arrested by local Marbella police officers on November 23 and all of the videos have been removed from his Instagram page.

According to El periodico de Marbella  another six people have been charged by police in relation to the incident. 

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