A HEAVILY pregnant doctor who is treating coronavirus patients has said no woman should "feel ashamed" for continuing to work, after she was inundated with "nasty" comments.

"There’s no right or wrong decision when it comes to working during your pregnancy, especially during a pandemic," Taylor Poynter, who is 33 weeks into her pregnancy and works in the emergency room, told Good Morning America.

"No women should feel ashamed for choices that she’s making for her family."

The doctor, from Illinois, was stunned to find herself in the firing line after she posted a picture on Instagram of herself in personal protective equipment (PPE), showing off her rounded stomach.

"31 weeks pregnant and working in a pandemic," the 27-year-old had written alongside the image.

"There is a lot of fear and anxiety that comes with being a mom on the front line right now. On a national level, PPE is officially limited, supplies intermittently are running low in certain areas, and we are reusing our masks for the purpose of conservation."

"Thank you to everyone who is praying for those in the hospital, and to those sending food, coffee, and bagels," she continued. "We are so grateful ?? what a way to bring a babe into the world!"

Poynter had intended the image to be a celebration of entering her third trimester, but instead was inundated by people questioning her decision to continue working.

"All of a sudden that picture just kind of blew up and I started to feel like, wow, I really need to stand up for working pregnant women right now," Poynter told GMA.

The soon to be first-time mother decided to post another image, to address the concerns of the strangers who had weighed in on her life choices.

"After receiving some nasty comments about working in the ED while being pregnant, let’s clarify how most of us pregnant mommas feel right now," she wrote.

"We don’t want to work closely with these patients. We don’t “choose” to put ourselves or babies in harms way. We would prefer to be sitting at home."

She continued: "For anyone who has felt the need to judge pregnant mommas working on the frontlines, please think before you speak. "Some of us are the main income source, we don’t get to stay home. "There are a lot of reasons pregnant women are still working, but none of us are doing it because we want to put our child in harms way."



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