Protesters continued to spew vitriol at President Donald Trump on Sunday, as they yelled “lock him up” repeatedly while he and First Lady Melania Trump entered the White House.

According to a report from Newsweek, Sunday was the seventh straight day that the “Occupy Lafayette Park” demonstrations continued outside the White House. Videos posted on social media showed protesters reacting as Donald and Melania Trump entered the building, with some shouting “lock him up, lock him up” and others holding up their signs or playing musical instruments. Newsweek noted that the president and first lady didn’t seem perturbed by the activity outside the White House.

As noted by both Newsweek and TheHill, the Occupy Lafayette Park protests are the brainchild of former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Adam Parkhomenko, and are in reaction to Trump’s recent Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Sunday, Parkhomenko tweeted about receiving more than 2,000 donations in the two days prior, which helped him generate enough funds to ensure that the demonstrations continue.

In another tweet, Parkhomenko confirmed that the protests will continue on Monday night at “7 p.m. sharp” outside the “Kremlin Annex,” his derisive term for the White House in light of Trump’s meeting with Putin and the perceived close relationship between both world leaders. The Inquisitr previously reported on how Parkhomenko has used social media to spread the word about the demonstrations and provide updates about future activities.

“TONIGHT! Rain or shine #OccupyLafayettePark continues! Show #TraitorTrump that we’re not going anywhere and we’re only getting LOUDER! The revolution is here and we’ve brought the soundtrack!”

Aside from using social media as a tool to encourage people from all over the United States to head to the White House and make their voices heard, the protesters have also used music to “disrupt Trump’s nightly routine,” as noted by The Hill. Several musicians were invited to the demonstrations, representing a wide variety of genres through an 18-person Mariachi band, a hip-hop group with rappers and dancers, and even a few opera singers.

The protests have also attracted a number of well-known public figures, including actress Alyssa Milano and Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who attended on Tuesday and delivered speeches calling out Trump for his performance at the Helsinki summit, according to ABC News.

While Sunday’s protests were noteworthy for the calls for Donald Trump to be “locked up,” the coming days’ activities are expected to include more interesting means of protest, according to Parkhomenko. A group of drummers is scheduled to perform outside the White House on Monday and Tuesday night, while a Russian interpreter will be at the building’s gates on Tuesday, translating the protesters’ chants from English to Russian “very loudly,” as promised by the former campaign adviser.

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