Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad jokingly invited Donald Trump to Syria in a bid to "change him for the better".

The Russian and Syrian leaders were filmed mocking the US President during a recent summit in Damascus as they visited a Greek Orthodox church.

During their discussions, the leaders spoke of Saul's conversion to Christianity while he travelled on the road to the Syrian town as told in the Bible story.

In the conversation, Assad said: "If Trump also travelled to this road (to Damascus) it would fix him."

Putin adds: "He will change for the better.

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"Invite him. He will come." Assad responds: "I'm ready."

All in the group appear to share laughter during the chat.

The two heads of state reportedly discussed the military situation in Syria during Putin's surprise visit to Syria on January 7.

A Kremlin journalist later uploaded the clip to Twitter where some 208,000 people have viewed the clip.

One person claimed: "Assad is one of the very few people who Putin wholeheartedly trusts."

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A Kremlin spokesman – quoted by Russian news agency Interfax – said: “During his talks with Assad, Putin noted that it is now possible to state with conviction that a huge distance has been covered on the path to restoring Syrian statehood and the territorial integrity of the country."

It comes after footage emerged of Vladimir Putin's " unstoppable" hypersonic rocket was captured launching.

The missile, called Kinzhal, travels at up to 10 times the speed of sound and is able to manoeuvre and overcome other defence systems.

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