THE mum of a bullied school boy with dwarfism has hit back at trolls who set up fake social media accounts falsely claiming he's actually an adult.

Nine-year-old Quaden Bayles, from Brisbane, Australia, received a flurry of support from celebrities and well-wishers when a viral video showed him in tears after being mocked by a fellow pupil because of his height.

In the clip, Quaden can be heard saying, "What's the point?", and, "I want someone to kill me".

Mum Yarraka Bayles said she had posted to highlight the impact bullying can have.

A fundraiser started by US comic Brad Williams to send Quaden to Disneyland had an initial target of $10,000, but had so far raised more than $440,000.

Among the stars offering their support to Quaden have been rugby league team the Indigenous All Stars, actor Hugh Jackman, and rapper Cardi B.


Quaden's family have now been forced to issue a warning on social media after fake accounts were set up to try to profit from the support and to spread false rumours about Quaden's age.

A message posted on Quaden's original Instagram account read: "WARNING!!!! FAKE ACCOUNTS! PLEASE REPORT ASAP!"

Among the messages shared from the accounts were some encouraging people to donate to the fundraiser and making out that Quaden and his family were trying to profit from the attention they have received.

Some posts also included images of Quaden posing for professional photographs while wearing expensive clothing and stood in front of a large "18" sign at a birthday party.


Yarraka later shared a post by a woman who knows Quaden.

"Yes he's nine. Dwarfism is not a joke," the woman wrote.

"Is he a model or actor?… so are a lot of kids… that doesn't mean s**t'.

"His mother made the post because she was overwhelmed and enraged with the bullying.

"I understand her to the fullest.

"Never did she ask for money… Never did they say they were broke. Never did they ask for this."

It has also been confirmed that the photograph showing the "18" sign was taken at a party thrown for someone else and attended by Quaden.

Speaking in a video posed to her 59.3 million Instagram followers, Cardi B said: "I really don't think he's lying about his age.

"Just because there's videos of him flossing money and acting all gangster, and acting all cool and everything, it doesn't mean that kids do not pick on him.

"Y'all be acting like you've got money everyday and y'all broke."


Thanking all those who have offered Quaden support since the video went viral, Yarraka told reporters: "He said it was going from the worst day of his life to the best day of his life.

"We could never have dreamt that it would've gone worldwide.

"It's every parent's worst nightmare losing their babies, and for me that's my reality every day.

"That's what I have to prepare, because of everything he's going through, his medical condition, the suicide attempts are very real, and people don't understand that.

"There are way too many people suffering in silence, and my heart goes out to those families that have already lost their children to bullying."

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