Danish retail giant DBA has now removed all Nazi-themed items from its web pages including the festive decorations which were being sold for a staggering £1,200.

Company spokeswoman Sofie Folden Lund said it had decided to ban all Nazi items because they "may seem offensive", reports the Independent.

DBA is one of Denmark’s most popular websites and claims to have more than 1.6 million unique users each month. It was acquired by eBay in 2008.

"As a rule, we have allowed the sale of items created under the category ‘collections’ as they have collector value and interest," said Ms Lund.

“But we have now chosen to exclude Nazi items in recognition that they cause particularly great emotions and may seem offensive.”

Possession and the sale of Nazi-themed items is not currently illegal in the Scandinavian country- which was occupied by Hitler's armies during the Second World War.

However, eBay’s “offensive material policy” forbids the sale of anything bearing Nazi symbols and any item made after 1933 bearing a swastika.

Denmark's Jyllands-Posten daily newspaper said a search of the word "Nazi" had brought up 178 items on DBA on Friday morning.

Claus Dalsborg, who bought the shocking baubles earlier this year, says he understands why they are being kicked off the site.

He said the baubles, featuring a swastika and the symbols of Nazi Germany's notorious Waffen-SS "were so grotesque that I had to buy them" when he spotted them at a Lithuanian flea market.

Other shocking items for sale included an SS officer Lego figure and what is described as a 'super cool Nazi flag'.

In August we told how Amazon has banned sales of racist gear featuring Nazi swastikas for children and adults amid pressure from US lawmakers and non-profit groups.

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