Former call girl Gabi Grecko testifies in FBI corruption case after claiming she was paid $1,500 for a mile-high sex romp with NYPD officers as part of wild Vegas trip where she was ‘ordered to give sexual favors to anyone who asked’

  • Former prostitute Gabi Grecko testified in court Thursday in an NYPD bribery trial
  • Grecko previously revealed details about a wild, sex-filled private plane trip with officers to Las Vegas in February 2013
  • The former reality star sported chesnut hair, a salmon pink and red jacket and skirt, complete with red heels and a plaid scarf to court
  • Officers were said to have accepted deals from businessmen who bought them prostitutes and jewelry in exchange for police protection
  • Grecko said she was paid $1,500 for the trip, which she said was ‘too little’
  • The 29-year-old is the fiancé of billionaire Geoffrey Edelsten

Former prostitute and fiancé of billionaire Geoffrey Edelsten, Gabi Grecko, testified Thursday in court about her mile-high sex romp with NYPD officers as part of a police corruption trial.

Grecko, who previously revealed to the New York Post how she was used to bribe the policemen in a wild, sex-filled private plane trip to Las Vegas in February 2013, sported chestnut hair, a salmon pink and red jacket, skirt, red heels and a plaid scarf for her appearance at Manhattan Federal Court. 

The 29-year-old said she had been recruited for the getaway by Brooklyn businessman and Bill de Blasio campaign donor, Jeremy Reichberg.

In court Thursday, Grecko said Reichberg invited her to give sexual favors to ‘anyone who asked’.

When asked if she had a sexual relationship with former deputy inspector James Grant on the trip, she replied: ‘Yes’ and that the two shared a room at the hotel. 

She added that none of the men ‘wanted to be in any pictures’ and said it was ‘very clear throughout the whole weekend.’  

Former prostitute Grecko said she was hired by Bill de Blasio campaign donor, Jeremy Reichberg to service officers and businessmen on private plane trip to Las Vegas in February 2013

Grecko (pictured on Twitter) testified in court Thursday about her mile-high sex romp with NYPD officers as part of a corruption trial

Former Deputy Inspector James Grant was charged in 2016 (Grant is shown departing the 2016 court hearing)

Grecko said she was compensated $1,500 for her services, which she described as ‘too little’.

Grant denied the two had sex, but admitted he paid her for the trip, according to the Post. 

She said Grant, who drove her home when they returned back to New York, told her in repsonse: ‘If our team had done better we would have been able to give you more.’ 

He was charged in 2016 for allegedly accepting prostitutes bought by businessmen, as well as jewelry and gifts, in exchange for police protection.

The prostitute, who went by the alias Candi on the trip, said she serviced Grant and his businessman friend, Jona Rechnitz.

Grecko revealed in the 2016 interview with the Post: ‘I was doing it while they were in their seats.’

Brooklyn businessman Jeremy Reichberg, right, leaves Manhattan federal court in New York, Monday, June 20, 2016

She said: ‘It was me on top the whole time… front, behind, side. They all seemed really comfortable to take their pants off in front of each other and laugh about it. It’s like they’d done this before.’ 

Oral and group sex also occurred on the jet, while Grecko said she had no idea the men were cops at the time, although they took out their handcuffs to use on her.

‘I didn’t think they were real,’ she said. ‘They were just waving them around, like to put them on me. I was like, “No way’,” she said.

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Businessman Reichberg bought the prostitute as part of a bribe for official favors

Furthermore, she told the Post the men were ‘really creepy and very rude and offensive’.

When the bunch arrived in Sin City, the men stayed at the MGM Grand, where two penthouses were ordered prior.

The following day, they watched the Super Bowl and Grecko claimed many of the guys stayed in a suite with an accompanying hot tub, while she hung out in a smaller penthouse with Grant.

Grecko, who has appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice in Australia, said the men gorged on food and champagne while watching the San Francisco 49ers, who narrowly lost to the Baltimore Ravens, before more prostitutes were brought in for an orgy.

The former prostitute is pictured above with her wealthy fiancé Geoffrey Edelsten

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