Rhino-SAW-rus! Terrifying moment a rhino charges at a safari tour-guide in South Africa

  • Terrifying footage shows a safari guide narrowly escaping a rhino charging him 
  •  Frank de Beer was walking in Limpopo, South Africa, when he saw the rhino
  • The rhino runs after Frank who escapes the giant animal before it turns away 

Terrifying footage shows a painfully close call when an African, black rhino charges at a safari tour-guide in South Africa. 

Frank de Beer was taking a walk in the Greater Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s biggest game reserves, in Limpopo, South Africa, when he noticed the rhino walking in front of him. 

The video starts with the majestic black rhino emerging from the bush with three birds perched around its head. 

Safari tour guide Frank de Beer was charged by a black rhino in the Greater Kruger National Park, in Limpopo, South Africa

 The rhino stopped walking and turned to face Frank before it took off and charged at him and chased him through the bush

As the giant walks a few more birds join on its body before the rhino changes direction and eerily faces towards the camera. 

The rhino begins to walk towards Frank who claps his hands and says: ‘Hello boy’ before the rhino starts to charge.  

Frank shouts ‘hey’ and claps his hands before the footage shows the landscape shaken up and down as he turns to run from the rhino. 

The video cuts to the rhino running off in a different direction and viewers can hear Frank speaking, seemingly unharmed. 

Black rhinos are known to be more aggressive than white rhinos and are more likely to charge, according to Namibian wildlife sanctuary Etosha National park.  

Both species have poor eyesight which is why they charge when they feel threatened by something they can hear but not see properly.  

The video ends with the rhino running off into a different direction and viewers can hear Frank talking, seemingly unharmed

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