SACKED McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook has been slammed by the ex-husband of the woman he had an affair with at work, according to reports.

Nick Paleothodoros is said to have told pals he's "not a fan" of the divorced Brit, 52, who was fired from McDonald’s last week over a consensual fling with another colleague.

It was reported that several years ago, before Easterbrook became McDonald’s chief executive, he had a relationship with Nick's wife and PR exec Denise Paleothodoros.

The affair was going on when he became boss of the fast food chain in March 2015, it was claimed.


Ms Paleothodoros, 46, had separated from her husband Nick and the couple were going through a divorce.

Last night a friend of Mr Paleothodoros told Mail on Sunday: "Nick is not a fan of Easterbrook’s.

"I’m sure you can make your own conclusions as to why."

Mr Paleothodoros himself reportedly declined to comment on whether his wife’s relationship with Easterbrook contributed to the end of their marriage.

Nick is not a fan of Easterbrook’s. I’m sure you can make your own conclusions as to why

He is said to have cited a clause in their divorce which prevents him from speaking "disparagingly" about his former spouse.

There is no evidence that the affair began before Mr and Mrs Paleothodoros had split.

Ms Paleothodoros, currently an executive director at Golin, told the Wall Street Journal: “Steve and I were in a relationship and that ended amicably a while ago.”


When Easterbrook became CEO at McDonald’s in March 2015, the board determined that the relationship with Ms Paleothodoros didn’t violate company policy and signed it off.

She was then removed from the McDonald’s PR account.

The public relations firm said that at the time, Easterbrook “had no working relationship with our firm” and didn’t oversee public relations. Easterbrook and the woman dated for more than two years.

At the time Mr Easterbrook had separated from his wife Susie and the board determined his relationship with Ms Paleothodoros did not violate company policy.

The CEO's marriage to Susie has since ended in divorce.

Records show Ms Paleothodoros and her ex-husband began divorce proceedings in 2014, and their marriage officially ended the following year. The couple have two children aged 18 and 13.

Easterbrook's latest consensual relationship with another female employee – which cost him his job – was brought to the attention of senior staff just three weeks ago, it emerged.

He has kept a low profile since his termination from McDonald’s, after he agreed to a settlement on October 31.

Board members held lengthy discussions and meetings and ultimately voted unanimously to fire Easterbrook.

McDonald’s now says it's suing Easterbrook, alleging that he covered up relationships with other employees and destroyed evidence.

The company wants to reclaim hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation paid to Easterbrook on his departure.

The Watford-born businessman is estimated to have taken home up to £54million in pay, bonuses and shares from his time at McDonald’s.

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