The Saskatoon Emergency Management Organization (EMO) has some helpful tips during a period of extremely cold temperatures.

An extreme cold warning in effect for Saskatoon as issued by Environment Canada.

A cold weather strategy has been in place since Jan. 8 to ensure everyone sleeps in a safe place during extremely cold nights in the city.

“I think during this extreme cold period, everybody’s on a heightened alert and heightened situational awareness,” EMO’s director of emergency planning Pamela Goulden-McLeod said Tuesday.

“This is a good time for us all to pull together and to watch out for each other. And if you see anybody in distress, please let emergency response know and we want to make sure everyone’s safe.”

The extreme cold places everyone at high risk for potential frostbite and hypothermia. EMO said the some most vulnerable are those with limited housing options, seniors, young children and people with chronic illnesses.

“We’re concerned about our vulnerable population … Our partner agencies and our shelters here in Saskatoon are far more alerted to concerns and they are making people aware of the warming locations,” Goulden-McLeod said.

“We have several warming locations throughout the city and then we want to ensure that everybody in the city of Saskatoon has a safe and warm place to sleep overnight.”

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