AN Australian chancer has been called a "scumbag" after he bragged of selling individual loo rolls for £2.50 each ($5 AUD).

The hoarder took to Facebook offering essentials including nappies and hand sanitiser for sale at inflated prices.

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He wrote: "Inbox me for toilet paper, Hand sanitiser, nappies, baby formula and antiseptic wipes. Lots of stock. Happy to express post, no pickups."

He had hiked the prices of individual rolls right up, and was selling a 24-packs for a whopping £50 ($100 AUD).

But social media users quickly flooded the post with furious comments, labelling the man "selfish" and a "scumbag".

One user wrote: “Should be ashamed of yourself. Clearly you're not. Hopefully you'll realise that what you're doing is a disgrace.”

Another branded him a "piece of garbage".

Australian supermarkets have had to impose strict measures and limit essential items after panicked shoppers hoarded goods and unleashed chaos on other shoppers.

Woolworths, for instance has announced they were introducing special shopping hours for the vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis.

Shocking stories have emerged including a blind woman who was MUGGED for toilet rolls.

Casey Hyde, from Melbourne, Australia, who is legally blind and needs a guide dog to help her get about, said the paper was swiped from her trolley as she shopped.

And a 13-year-old girl was trampled by shoppers desperate to grab toilet paper in a Coles store in Perth.

Speaking to The Western Australian, the girl's mum, Emma – who is currently wheelchair-bound following an operation – said she was disappointed with the other shoppers' actions.

She said: "[My daughter] was pushed to the ground and then stood on by adults who had no care in the world for a child on the floor.

"People were walking over her while she was crying on the ground just to get what they wanted."

The 13-year-old, named as Hayley by 7 News was taken for an X-ray after she sustained a swollen knee.

In the US, two brothers are being threatened with a criminal investigation after buying up thousands of bottles of hand sanitiser and trying to sell them on at 70 times the price.

The pair had their Amazon accounts shut down after it was revealed they were marking up hand gel purchased at dollar stores to around $70 (£58).

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