Secret Service agent dies in hospital after suffering a stroke while protecting President Trump on visit to Scotland

  • A Secret Service agent guarding Donald Trump suffered a stroke in Scotland
  • The agent fell ill while the US president was staying at his Turnberry golf resort
  • Trump arrived in Scotland last Friday night after meeting the Queen in Windsor
  • US officials said he died in hospital surrounded by his family on Tuesday 

A secret service agent guarding Donald Trump who suffered a stroke while the US president was in Scotland has died in hospital.

The security official was treated immediately after collapsing while being a part of Trump’s detail during his diplomatic mission to Europe.

Trump arrived in Scotland on Friday night after meeting the Queen and holding talks with Prime Minister Theresa May during his two day working trip to the UK.

He touched down at Prestwick Airport and spent the weekend at his Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire for a private visit.

Trump arrived in Scotland on Friday night and spent the weekend at his Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire for the private visit

There was a huge security presence during his visit to Scotland. Police officers surrounded the president as he played golf amid protests

It is during his stay at Turnberry that the secret service agent became ill and was taken to hospital.

A spokesman for the Secret Service said before the agent’s death: ‘We are incredibly grateful for the emergency medical service providers and physicians in Scotland who are providing much needed critical care.’  

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More than 150 US agents were brought in for the visit to protect Trump during his stay in the UK.  

He was spotted on the links course on Saturday morning after calling golf his ‘primary form of exercise’ surrounded by a number of secret service agents.

He was seen driving around the course with his son Eric while wearing a black windbreaker and a white and blue lettered USA baseball cap.

The long line of vehicles, led by police with the presidential ‘beast’ in the motorcade, caused quite the stir in the little village

But his visit was met with protestors who lined up outside the Turnberry course.

It was the only time that Trump was seen in public on Saturday. He spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at his ajoining hotel and golf club.

The security bill for his two day trip to Scotland was said to cost £5million, just less than the £6million spent on security for the wedding of the Duke and duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

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