A PAIR of millionaire pornographers have launched a British version of Pornhub for couples who aren’t getting any action in the bedroom.

Randy Anna Kieran and Chris Ratcliffe want to reignite libidos across the country after one in five Brits revealed they have sex three times a year or less.

Subscription porn website Zaucey has a library of original UK-made adult films aimed at arousing couples who have lost their spark.

Anna Kieran, Co-founder and Director of Zaucey.com said: “Zaucey’s videos are accessible – they have a sense of humour, they play on British characteristics and stereotypes and crucially, they show real intimate relations between adults without being graphic or hardcore.

“For many couples this is key – they want the frisson of a moment of closeness on the sofa over something sexy but not overly intense or graphic.”

A poll of over 2,000 UK adults found the average Brit has sex once every 75 days while 30 per cent say they don’t have time for sex.

One in five Brits romp a maximum of three times a year and 71 per cent said they were unsatisfied with their sex lives.

It comes as consumer giants Unilever and Kraft Heinz have been criticised for advertising on Pornhub, the world’s most popular porn website.

Yesterday Unilever distanced itself from Pornhub and vowed not to advertise on the site again.

A spokesman said: “This type of content is deeply troubling and we will ensure that none of our brands advertise on Pornhub again, or on any other porn sites.”

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