VIDEO shows the shocking moment a medical worker asks which patient in a busy emergency room is the sickest, as health centers begin to fill amid coronavirus panic.

The video pans around a busy emergency room at a hospital in Jamaica, Queens in New York City with beds full during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Who is the sickest patient using the room?" a medical worker calls.

Beds are filled with patients hooked up to machines, as others sit in chairs wearing face masks as they seemingly wait to be seen by doctors.

Doctors wearing protective clothing, visors and masks hurriedly move around the full room as they try to help the many sick patients.

The video emerged as coronavirus cases in New York reached 46,000 – with more than 26,000 coming from New York City alone.

NYC saw 450 deaths, as the city braced to hit its peak with incoming cases in coming weeks.

While the city prepares to be hit with more cases in coming weeks, temporary spaces – including a makeshift hospital at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center – have begun to pop up around the city.

Outside Bellevue Hospital, the National Guard was pictured making tents for possible overflow from the morgue.

New York quickly became the epicenter of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic, as the total cases in the country climbed to more than 100,000.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have called for extra masks, ventilators and medical supplies as the state already faces a shortage.

Photos have emerged showing hospital workers having to use makeshift materials for protective gear as healthcare centers run short on supplies – weeks ahead of when the city is expecting to reach the height of COVID-19 cases.

A hospital worker from Mount Sinai West died of coronavirus this week, as photos emerged that staff were having to resort to wearing trash bags while they helped COVID-19 patients because they did not have enough protective gear.

Maya Sherron, sister of late Kious Jordan Kelly, told CNN she has no idea where her brother's body is amid the coronavirus panic.

Early next week, the Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort is set to dock in the city, and give some reprieve to hospitals as they fill the 1,000 beds with non-coronavirus patients.

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