THIS is the moment a screaming woman is pinned to the floor by three cops after allegedly breaking lockdown rules.

The unnamed mum, from Melbourne in Australia can be seen struggling against the three officers as her daughter shouts: "She's in pain."

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Melbourne, in the state of Victoria is under strict new lockdown rules – including a curfew, after premier Daniel Andrews declared a state of disaster following a spike in Covid-19 cases.

In the footage – filmed before the state entered stage 4 of its lockdown emergency – a policewoman can be heard telling the daughter: "You're in contravention of the Covid restrictions."

The daughter and cop have a heated back-and-forth as the officer attempts to ID the daughter, who claims she was "just walking".

At one point, the cop accuses her of being a "smarta**," adding: "You need to take this seriously.

“You won’t be arrested if I can confirm your ID.”

A spokesperson for the Melbourne force said in a statement: "The two females were requested to state their names and address, and produce identification as they were in breach of the chief health officer’s directions.

“After numerous attempts from police to have the females provide their details which was refused, they were both arrested.

“One of the females resisted arrest, and had to be taken to ground during the incident."

A friend of the two women uploaded the footage to Facebook, alongside a snap of a large black bruise on the mum's arm.

She claimed they had been standing in public “with a poster about Russian politics” when cops approached.

Both women were fined $1,652 (£902.72) "for breaching the chief health officer’s directions and were released pending enquiries on further charges," cops said.

The new lockdown measures in Victoria give cops more powers and include a night-time curfew across Melbourne from 8pm to 5am.

Pictures show the usually buzzing Australian city eerily quiet with deserted streets and businesses.

The curfew will be in place for six weeks, barring the city's nearly five million people from leaving their houses except for work or to receive or give care.

Locals will only be allowed to shop and exercise within three miles of their homes, with exercise limited to a single hour.

Announcing the measures Sunday, Andrews said: “If we don’t make these changes, we're not going to get through this.

“We need to do more. That is what these decisions are about.”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told Nine News: “This is devastating… nobody wanted it to get to this.

“There is only one way out and that is to stem the tide of new cases.

“This is a big kick in the guts to thousands of small businesses right across the state.”

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