Six women and men were left bloodied and humiliated after being flogged in public for having sex outside of marriage.

The draconian punishment was dished out in the Indonesian province of Aceh, where Sharia Law is enforced.

The couples were whipped more than 20 times each for breaking the strict Islamic code.

One woman was in so much pain that she fell over during her beating, which was held in front of a mosque in Banda Aceh.

Paramedics tried to stretcher one of the convicted men off the stage, however police were forced to carry him when he refused.

The group had been languishing in prison for several months before they were caned in public, Gulf News reports.

Banda Aceh's mayor Animulla Usman said the punishments should not put tourists off visiting the city.

He insisted: "We keep telling visitors not to be afraid to visit Banda Aceh… because you won't be flogged if you don't break the law."

He added that the act was meant to make the couples repent.

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has campaigned for the end of whipping, however the practice is popular with Aceh residents.

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