The three sneakerheads who stole a pair of $2,000 Air Jordans off a Queens teen’s feet wasted no time trying to turn a fast buck: They tried to flip the kicks at a consignment shop 20 minutes after the robbery, surveillance footage released by police shows.

Video released by cops Wednesday night shows the trio sauntering up to the counter at .IMAGE on Northern Boulevard in Flushing — seemingly oblivious to the camera right in front of them.

The three showed up just 20 minutes after the 12:30 p.m. Saturday robbery.

Police said the unsuspecting victim was standing on the sidewalk in front of 143-32 Quince Ave. in Flushing when a white sedan slowly passed him before driving ahead and pulling to the side of the road.

That’s when the driver and two passengers rushed out of the car and jumped the victim from behind. One man pulled him to the ground and restrained him while the others ripped his Jordans from his feet, police said.

The thieves also made off with the teen’s wallet, which had $10 cash and a debit card.

But the trio couldn’t cash in — they couldn’t reach a deal at the shop, police said.

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