The elusive Nevins Street subway station raccoon was back on the tracks Saturday in Brooklyn — frustrating officers tasked with wrangling the masked bandit.

Cops and transit workers spent seven hours Friday attempting to nab the striped critter named “Chepe,” who was first spotted in the Brooklyn train station in November, officials said.

Workers tried luring him from his subway hideout with bread crumbs, plantains, chicken and a bagel, to no avail.

“The mere fact that it’s out is weird,” said one cop. “Usually when they’re out and about in the day time it means they’re sick. If the city wants me to catch a raccoon, I’ll catch a raccoon,” one cop said. “If they want me to catch a rapist, I’ll catch a rapist.”

Another added: “What do you want me to do, grab it with my bare hands? We were not trained for catching raccoons in the academy.”

NYP - Raccoon Nevins StationNYP - Raccoon Nevins StationNYP - Raccoon Nevins Station

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