Manchester’s very own Spider-Girl! Daredevil dressed in leggings, hoodie and trainers scales an eight-storey car park in minutes without any safety equipment

  • Adrenaline junkie climbed up the tall car park somewhere in Manchester
  • Was spotted performing gravity-defying stunt by workers in office across road
  • Michael Phillips, 37, said he and co-workers named mystery woman Spider-Girl 

This is the nerve-shredding moment a daredevil dubbed ‘Spider-Girl’ scaled an eight-storey car park without any safety gear. 

The adrenaline junkie climbed the tall car park in Manchester wearing just a hoodie, leggings and trainers.

The mystery woman managed to reach the top in an impressive one minute 40 seconds using her gravity-defying climbing skills yesterday afternoon.

A woman was filmed climbing an eight-storey car park in Manchester yesterday afternoon

The adrenaline junkie climbed the tall car park wearing just a hoodie, leggings and trainers

She reached the top in just under two minutes before celebrating on top of a railing

Onlooker Michael Phillips, 37, who was at work opposite at the time said: ‘I heard people shouting ‘look, look what is she doing?’ and jumped away from my desk to the windows.

‘It was really nerve-racking but exciting to watch it was surreal.

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‘I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I have seen people on Instagram doing similar stunts but I couldn’t get over the fact she had no safety gear at all.

‘At one point she let go with one hand and it was a real hold your breath moment, I was honestly so nervous for her.

Spider-Girl was filmed doing her stunt by stunned workers in an office across the road 

The workers gasped and talked about phoning emergency services as they watched on 

‘When she got to the top she looked down and waved down like a rapper would do to their fans.

‘It was like watching a real-life superhero film, we were all calling her Spider-Girl in the office.

‘It was incredible to witness, it definitely made work more exciting. 

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