DONALD Trump's star witness in the Michigan voter fraud case says she's "not a liar" and that the US president "loves" her.

Mellissa Carone, 33, testified for Trump’s legal team led by Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, before the Michigan's House Oversight Committee on Wednesday after claims of widespread voter fraud tainted last month’s election.

Carone's testimony went viral after she made several accusations of mass criminality at the polling center she worked at during the presidential election.

She told the hearing that that she saw poll workers running ballots through voting machines "thousands of times", which the judge later ruled was "not credible".

"I'm not a liar," Carone told The Sun earlier today.

Some critics accused Carone of being drunk at the hearing – which she vehemently denies, inspiring the Saturday Night Live skit by Cecily Strong in which she portrayed Carone as being affected by alcohol.

“Even though it’s a fraudulent erection, it can still get you pregnant,” Strong said while impersonating Carone.

Speaking to The Sun, Carone said she "doesn't care" about her haters and that she was instead chuffed after having heard from Trump "indirectly" following her performance last Wednesday.

"I speak to Rudy (Giuliani) once a week. He said, 'Trump loves ya'," she said.

Earlier, Trump tweeted, “Melissa is great,” on a retweet of a recap of her testimony.

But questions arose about Carone's credibility as a witness when it emerged she had just completed probation for a computer crime linked to a sex tape.

"This is not about my fiancé’s ex-wife that's upset about receiving a video, which I will say I did not send (to her)," Carone told The Sun this morning.

"I will not divert the attention onto myself and away from what this is truly about.”

Carone was previously charged under the name Mellissa Wright with first degree obscenity and using a computer to commit a crime after she allegedly sent pornographic videos to her fiancé’s ex-wife and framed the woman for stealing them.

Under a plea agreement, she reduced her charge to disorderly conduct and received 12 months of probation, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County, Michigan, prosecutor’s office said.

Carone's probation ended just weeks before Election Day, when a temporary staffing agency employed Carone to assist Dominion Voting Systems as an IT contractor in Detroit.

"They can come out with anything they want about my past," Carone told The Sun.

"Everybody has a past. Look what they've done to Trump. Look at Biden's past. Look at his family. Biden's son (Hunter) got a stripper pregnant when he smoked crack. It's not about me."

On Tuesday,The Daily Mail also reported that Carone used to dance at the Bada Bing club, which has the same name as the strip club featured in HBO's hit show The Sopranos, in 2010.

Carone told The Sun she had previously "waitressed at Hooters" but would not confirm or deny reports she previously worked as a stripper at the infamous Bada Bing gentlemen's club.

"I am sorry but that’s so far fetched I’m not commenting on the left trying to discredit me," she said.

The venue is now permanently closed following a string of violent incidents, including a 2010 attack where the manager and three other men were arrested and charged with torturing a man in the basement, drilling through his hand with an electric drill.

When pressed, Carone said she "was just a kid" at the time she was alleged to have been a stripper, and that she "went a little crazy" when she turned 18.

"I grew up in a very structured family," she said.

"I wasn't allowed to do anything.

"I wasn't even allowed to listen to music when I was a teenager so when I got out into the world … everybody was 18 once, that's all there is to it."

Carone said a lot had changed in her life since then.

"If that was who I am today then it would be different, maybe I wouldn't be credible," she continued.

"But I have a family, I have children (who) go to private schools."

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