TEACHERS have revealed the worst end-of-term gifts they've received from their students, including a stolen car radio and a bag of potatoes.

To avoid getting these presents again, Teachers took to website Mumsnet to tell school parents on what their kids should bring as presents – and wine and John Lewis vouchers get top marks.

Millions of youngsters love to bring in a present at the end of the school year for sir or miss – but they are virtually always chosen by parents with mugs, glasses, chocs and pens are a firm favourite.

Home-made food like jam and fudge is another popular pick but tends to be binned by teachers worried about bugs.


Staff were quick to reveal some of the worst presents received by teachers.

A shocked teacher was presented with a bag of potatoes, while another was given a “plan your wedding” book – despite being nowhere near getting married.

In another case, a school worker said they had been handed a stolen car radio in a carrier bag.

Another thank-you gift included a re-gifted diffuser which the recipient knew was from the Christmas raffle as they had put the ticket on it.

Other gifts included an aftershave given to a female worker, and a half-eaten box of chocolates.

One recalled: “One that stuck in my mind was an offering from a colourful family of a bottle of whisky with the security tag still on!”

A teacher wrote online on another parenting site: “My worst ever present was a mug with stir marks inside, which had clearly just been brought from the family’s kitchen.”

Top 10 worst gifts

  • Bottle of whiskey with the security tag still attached
  • A mug with stir marks inside
  • A lighter which revealed a picture of a naked lady when it was turned upside down
  • A box of biscuits that was expired by 12 months
  • A bag of potatoes
  • 'Plan your wedding' notebook
  • Stolen car radio
  • Re-gifted diffuser – from a Christmas raffle as the ticket was still on it
  • Aftershave given to a female worker
  • Half-eaten box of chocolates

And another said: “One year, I was given a lighter which revealed a picture of a naked lady when it was turned upside down.

"Not only am I not a smoker, but to make matters worse, I opened it in front of the rather prudish deputy head…”

One added: “I had to laugh at the box of biscuits I was given one year. I thought the box looked slightly the worse for wear, and when I checked the expiry date, I discovered they were 12 months out of date!”


After one parent took to the popular website to ask “calling all teachers what gifts do you love?” she was inundated with responses from class staff.

And mugs received few ticks.

One teacher wrote: “Wine is always nice or gift vouchers, nothing bathroomy as it's too personal and they may not like it. Chocs are very kind but fattening.”

The wife of a teacher added: “Please dear god no mugs.”

Another added: “Vouchers for Amazon or John Lewis if you're a school that does class collections. Win, if you KNOW they drink it.”


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Yet another tutor added: “Wine is good… Can be drunk or given away. To be honest I never liked the homemade food idea as I never quite trusted it!”

Stargirl said: “Wine…Percy Pigs…that’s just me.”

One mum revealed: “I ordered the personalised stamp from ebay. £10.49 including postage. You can choose your colour, wording and picture.”

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