Brave animal lover, 15, saves small shark from being beaten against the rocks by picking it up and taking it to deeper waters on Rhode Island beach

  • Ali Twachtman, 15, spotted a trapped shark on Block Island coast in Rhode Island
  • The teen reached into the waves to grab the struggling dogfish shark
  • She then hurried over the rocky beach to deliver the shark to deeper waters
  • Dogfish sharks, which are common in the area, are not a threat to humans 

A brave animal lover used her bare hands to pick up a shark that was being battered by waves against rocks on a beach, saving its life by moving it to safer waters.

Ali Twachtman, 15, was walking along the Block Island coast in Rhode Island with her father, Erich Twachtman, when they spotted a dogfish shark trapped against the rocks.

Erich, a weather photographer and forecaster, captured the moment his kindhearted daughter carried out her shark rescue operation.

Ali Twachtman, 15, was walking along the Block Island coast in Rhode Island with her father Erich when they spotted a dogfish shark trapped on the rocks

She grabbed the shark from the water by the tail before carrying it to a safer part of the beach

In the video, Ali can be seen standing barefoot on smooth, slippery rocks as waves come crashing in. She stares out into the ocean to keep an eye on the small shark as it’s being tossed around by frothing waves, trapping it against the surrounding rocks.

Her father then points out the spot where the shark seems to have come to a rest, leading Ali to lean over a large rock and fearlessly grab it with one hand. 

‘Got it!’ she says, as she hauls the shark up into the air. 

Holding the shark by the tail, Ali then sure-footedly hurries over the stony shoreline, making her way to a safer part of the beach to get to an area with fewer submerged rocks. 

As she wades back into the ocean, she carefully dips the shark’s nose into the water, presumably to give it a chance to breathe as it’s been out of the water for several seconds.

Once she’s thigh-deep in the water, she releases the predator and quickly returns to dry land, mission complete.   

The dogfish shark is a common shark in the area and is not a threat to humans

She then entered the sea and released the predator into the deeper waters

Ali posed for the camera while holding the shark. Her final attempt to rescue it was the successful one captured on video and shared on Twitter

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Erich shared the video on his @Eweather13 Twitter handle Wednesday with the caption: ‘Kudos to my daughter who found a shark that got washed up on shore today and the surf was pounding it into rocks. She got it and set it free!!’

He added that it took four attempts before Ali was able to help the creature. During one of the failed attempts, Ali posed for the camera while holding the shark, which appears to be at least half as long as she is tall.

Erich told MailOnline: ‘Ali has never come across anything like this before but she handled it very well.

‘She says she wasn’t nervous at all about the shark… she was more nervous about the waves pinning her up against rocks.’

Many social media users have praised Ali for her willingness to save the trapped animal.

One wrote: ‘Supergirl among us!’ 

Another added: ‘Good Brave Girl!’ 

But one joked: ‘One day, it will grow up and eat you.’

The dogfish shark is a common shark in the area and is not a threat to humans. 

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