A group hoping to rally tenants allegedly “pushed out” of their homes to make way for Hamilton’s now-defunct LRT is demanding the properties be converted to affordable housing.

A collaboration that calls itself King Street Tenants United (KTSU) says they represent 80+ tenant households that were “displaced” from homes set for demolition by the province to accommodate road widening and construction of LRT stations.

KSTU claims of 60 buildings purchased by Metrolinx before the LRT cancellation, there are currently 87 of 102 rental units vacant.

“It is unconscionable that apartments sit empty,” the group said in an email to Global News.

“Metrolinx and City of Hamilton staff have downplayed the number of tenants affected and boasted about their ‘unique’, ‘Made in Hamilton’ tenant eviction program ‘has resulted in a high number of positive interactions with tenants.’”

KSTU claims tenants have received as little as $200 towards moving expenses or nothing at all, and that 12-month rent supplement packages for some are set to expire, leaving many with unaffordable rents in their current dwellings.

The group says they’re looking for the Metrolinx-owned properties to be reserved for affordable housing, giving those evicted by the province first crack at the available units.

In addition, they’re calling for a stay on rents with tenants who currently have Metrolinx as their landlord and maintenance for properties that have been allegedly neglected since being purchased for the LRT.

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