Thug shoves man onto railway track after fight with girlfriend in Cologne

Violent thug pushes man onto the subway tracks in unprovoked attack ‘because he just had a fight with his girlfriend’

  •  Police in Germany are hunting violent thug seen arguing with woman in Cologne
  •  Horrifying footage shows unidentified man rowing with a woman on platform 
  •  42-year-old man shoved and suffered an injured knee in unprovoked attack

Shocking footage shows the moment a thug shoves a man onto a train track after having an argument with his girlfriend in an unprovoked attack. 

Police have released CCTV footage of the incident and are appealing for anyone that might know him to come forward.

The thug can be seen arguing with a young woman on the platform of the station in Cologne, western Germany late last June.

They appear to exchange words before the woman walks away from him and he goes to follow her.  

The unidentified couple can be seen having an argument on the platform before she walks away from him but he follows her 

The man can be seen kicking and hitting an information board before he walks off again in search of the woman

He then hits and kicks an information display board and makes threatening moves to a bystander.

He then shoves the man who was walking towards him onto the train tracks in a furious rage.

The 42-year-old,  who said that the attack was completely unprovoked, stumbles and flounders before falling on his knees on the concrete track.   

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He then is seen shoving a man onto the subway track in an unprovoked attack causing the man to fall on his knees on the hard ground

A man is seen helping the victim off the track as he had injured his knee and was unable to easily climb back out as the attacker calmly walks up the stairs to exit the station. 

Police hunting for the man on charges of causing bodily harm and have appealed for information.

The victim is helped back onto the station platform by a bystander as the perpetrator makes an escape via the stairs. Police are appealing for anyone who knows the man

The man has been described as a man of Western European appearance, 1.85 to 1.90 metres (6.06 to 6.23 foot) tall, with dark blond hair and a beard.

At the time of the crime, he was wearing a baseball cap, a white t-shirt, dark knee-long trousers and carried a shoulder bag. 

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