A TODDLER died days after she was "given alcohol, burned with chemicals, and raped while being watched by a babysitter," her aunt claimed.

Meka Marie Carrillo, just 15 months old, died on Tuesday when her family took her off life support – just four days after she was reportedly found unconscious at a home in Fargo, North Dakota.

Fargo police said in a statement that officials were waiting for results of autopsy and toxicology tests to determine if a crime had been committed, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

No one had been arrested in connection with her death as of Friday.

But the tragic tot's aunt Amanda Carrillo that her niece was “horribly abused and tortured by her temporary caretaker," who was "a person [the] family trusted."

Carrillo alleged in a a GoFundMe post that she first heard Meka was on her way to the emergency room on November 20 from this unnamed woman, who was supposed to be looking after the little girl.

“She had been horribly abused, burned with chemicals, given alcohol, battered, and raped multiple ways,” Carrillo wrote.

“There are even more horrific details to the torture and murder that I don't want the world to have to suffer knowing but my family and I keep replaying in our heads.”

Carrilo said the scene at the hospital was like "walking into a Lifetime movie crime scene."

"They had brown paper evidence bags and rulers to measure the wounds and evidence recording equipment," she wrote, claiming Meka's caretaker had said she was “just sick.”

Carrillo said she spoke to detectives at the hospital and “it became clear that Meka wasn't just sick," however.

A graphic photo shared to the fundraiser shows little Meka in the hospital fighting for her life with closed eyes, covered by a purple blanket.

Carrillo claimed that the unnamed woman had prevented the family from seeing the child to hide the abuse.

She had been horribly abused, burned with chemicals, given alcohol, battered, and raped multiple ways.

“It started making sense why she had so many excuses when we wanted to see Meka and check up on her,” Carrillo alleged.

“I don’t know how human beings could be so cruel and heartless; there were numerous people that knew what was going on during the days that the abuse was being carried out and failed to reach out to the right people and just allowed the torture to continue.

“I want justice to be served for my niece, and not only prosecute the people that tortured and killed her, but I want to have lawyers to prosecute the people that knew about the abuse and stood by doing nothing.”

The funds raised will also be used to help Meka’s father get temporary release from prison for her funeral.

Meka's father is allegedly in a Crookston prison for a crime unrelated to the current situation, Carrillo said.

The GoFundMe reached $3,445 of its $10,000 goal by Sunday evening.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the child’s family during this difficult time,” Fargo Police said in a statement obtained by KVRR.

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