Swimming trunks! Tour guide is joined in the pool by an ELEPHANT at South African safari lodge

  • Ivan Ueckermann, 30, filmed the incident at the Mhondoro Safari Lodge
  • Guide Ivan can be seen in the footage wading in the pool with the animal behind 
  • It was filmed sending jets of spray flying by blowing into the pool with its trunk 

This elephant didn’t forget to pack his trunks when he was filmed drinking from an outdoor swimming pool – to the amazement of swimmers.

Tour guide Ivan Ueckermann, 30, filmed his hilarious encounter with the huge mammal while taking a dip at Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa in South Africa on November 9.

Footage taken by Ivan in the pool shows him wading in the water as the enormous animal stands with its trunk dangling in the pool just a few feet behind him.

Another clip also shows a young guest at the lodge wading through the same pool while the elephant takes a drink. 

Ivan Ueckermann, 30, pictured in the pool at the Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa in South Africa

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The animal can also be seen sending plumes of spray flying behind Ivan by blowing air onto the surface of the pool using its trunk. 

Ivan said: ‘Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villa has just won the award for the best safari destination in the world and you can see why – this kind of experience is hard to come by.

‘I work with the elephants and have to understand their behaviour very well to keep Mhondoro guests safe on bushwalks,’ he added.

‘This particular elephant, who is in his thirties, is a frequent visitor and often drinks from the pool.

‘I loved every minute of filming this.

‘Being able to see eye to eye with such a large animal is awesome – not to mention while having a super refreshing swim at the same time.’

The enormous animal sent jets of spray flying by blowing into the pool using its huge trunk

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