Speaking before a crowd of his supporters, Trump viciously insulted the famous, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, and author of ‘Fear: Trump in the White House.’

President Donald Trump lashed out at famous journalist and author Bob Woodward today, during a campaign event in Fargo, North Dakota, The Hill reports.

Speaking before a crowd of his supporters, Trump viciously insulted the famous, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, and author of Fear: Trump in the White House.

“By the way this idiot Woodward who wrote this book which is all fiction said that I said something like that, but he put it in a crude manner.”

This comment is, The Hill noted, a reference to allegations Woodward made in his book about Trump. As the Washington Post – which obtained the 448-page book to be published on September 11 – reported, Woodward alleged that Trump called his Attorney General Jeff Sessions “mentally retarded.”

Trump defended himself via Twitter, writing that he “never used those terms on anyone, including Jeff.”

While the President vowed that he never called anyone “retarded,” a video of Trump using the same derogatory term resurfaced, according to the Huffington Post.

Woodward’s book is, as WaPo noted, based on in-depth interviews with Trump administration officials. In it, the author describes “an administrative coup d’etat,” and a “nervous breakdown” in the West Wing, alleging that many prominent officials, in an administration that is about to reach its breaking point, are insulting Trump behind his back, conspiring against him, snatching official papers from his desk so he can’t see, or sign them.

In Fear, Woodward reportedly portrays a highly dysfunctional White House, headed by a mercurial, unpredictable, unfit leader, struggling to manage his subordinates.

But, according to Trump, Woodward’s book is a work of fiction, based on out-of-context, or made up quotes from White House officials.

“The concept is true, but the way it was said was very…hey, I went, like, to the best college…I mean, you read this thing, the quotes were wrong, all these…John Kelly, Gen. [James] Mattis, they’re all writing ‘I never said that, I never said that.’”

Some of Woodward’s allegations were confirmed in the controversial New York Times op-ed, penned by an administration official. The anonymous author, much like Woodward, dives deep into the dysfunctionality of Trump’s White House, describing what appears to be full-blown coup, orchestrated and lead by members of the administration, in an effort to curb the President’s efforts.

Donald Trump is not the one to shy away from insults, so his remarks about Bob Woodward don’t come as a surprise. For instance, the New York Times published an extensive list of nearly 500 hundred individuals, things, and places the POTUS has insulted via Twitter.

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