DONALD Trump is "not showing any Covid symptoms" according to his doctor as he gets ready to duke it out with Joe Biden again next week.

Dr Sean Conley provided an update today, confirming that Trump "had a restful first night at home, and today he reports no symptoms," adding that "vital signs and physical exam remain stable, with an ambulatory oxygen saturation level of 95-97 percent."

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On Tuesday morning Trump also tweeted "FEELING GREAT!"

The president, 74, said he feels "better than 20 years ago" after being airlifted out of Walter Reed hospital on Monday night – where he had been given unprecedented medical treatment after being diagnosed on Friday morning.

He was overheard saying "I feel good" as he arrived back at the White House – immediately removing his mask and standing for photographers at the South Portico terrace in front of a backdrop of American flags for the sunset occasion.

Shortly after his arrival to the White House, the Trump administration released a video on Twitter, praising the work of doctors and staff at Walter Reed.

In the video, Trump repeatedly advised the American people to not let Covid-19 "dominate."

"Don't let it dominate you," he said. "Don't be afraid of it."

"You're going to beat it," the president added.

Trump continued to say the United States is the greatest country in the world and advised citizens to not let the virus "take over" their lives.

"Get out there, be careful," he said towards the end of the video. "We have the best medicines in the world, and it’ll all happen very shortly. And they’re all getting approved and the vaccines are coming momentarily."

On Monday afternoon, Trump tweeted that he will be "back on the campaign trial soon."

"Will be back on the Campaign Trail soon!!! The Fake News only shows the Fake Polls," Trump tweeted shortly before leaving Walter Reed.

Trump wants to take on Joe Biden in another debate in nine days and hopes his coronavirus battle will help him win the election, according to his campaign.

The president’s communications director says he plans on locking horns with his Democratic opponent Biden despite his Covid-19 diagnosis last week.

Tim Murtaugh told CNN: “It’s the President’s intention to debate.” 

Trump's campaign has launched a fresh strategy to help beat his Democratic rival in the polls, acknowledging that Trump now has an edge over Biden – an experience with the deadly virus.

The campaign’s press communications director Erin Perrine said: "He has experience as commander-in-chief, he has experience as a businessman, he has experience – now – of fighting the coronavirus as an individual."

She added that Joe Biden does not have "those firsthand experiences."

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