The alt-right group showed up with two dozen members to promote their ‘Western Chauvinist’ agenda

The far right, all-male group Proud Boys held a rally today in Philadelphia around the National Constitution Center with two dozen members in an event they called “We the People.” But around the location where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Liberty Bell still sits, hundreds of people showed up to protest the racist and sexist collective.

The Daily Beast reports that police set up a barricade to keep the two dozen Proud Boys safe while the protesters yelled and chanted.

Proud Boys, created by Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes, must follow a list of rules including restrictions on how often they can masturbate, and a sort of points system that can grow based on how many fights they can get into for their cause.

The trouble in Philadelphia started when some Proud Boys moved into the section of protesters behind the barricades and started a scuffle, which the police quickly broke up, ejecting the Proud Boys.

Many of the protesters have adopted the Philadelphia Flyers mascot “Gritty” as a symbol of the left, and marched with signs that read: “Racist Proud Boy trash.”

Proud Boy events like the one in New York last month have had poor attendance, but that hasn’t stopped the members from finding trouble and getting arrested.

Late last month several Proud Boys were kicked off of Facebook and Instagram, including McInnes.

Alan Swinney, a Texas Proud Boy, came to the rally in Philadelphia with improvised body armor and a riot helmet.

“We don’t have any antifa to play with in Texas.”

The rally was short-lived and the Proud Boys required a police escort to exit the area.

The Huffington Post says that the Proud Boys found themselves with another problem after leaving the rally area when Philadelphia cab drivers refused to pick them up to take them back to their hotels.

Protesters with signs that read “Make Racists Afraid Again” and “Go Home A**holes” were reportedly chanting and telling cab and Uber drivers that the men attempting to get into their vehicles are Nazis, and the cars-for-hire took off.

Tess Owen said that she observed cab and Uber drivers taking off.

“This is completely surreal. Fascists are trying to take taxis, but the drivers keep leaving whenever they realize what’s happening.”

Gwen Snyder, another protester, said that the police told the crowd to stop warning the drivers.

“A cop threatened to cite us all if we keep telling drivers that their fares are Nazis.”

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