TYSON Fury tonight led a "Traveller Lives Matter" protest as he called on Boris Johnson to tackle racism.

The Gypsy King after sharing a clip of a pub banning a man and his 70-year-old father-in-law from entering reportedly because they were travellers.

Two-time heavyweight world champion Fury shared a video on his Twitter tonight of a group wearing face masks at the march.

They can be heard shouting "TLM (Traveller Lives Matter)" while holding up placards reading: "Equal rights for everyone".

Fury says: "So here I am, here in Lancaster. There is a protest going on, Travellers' Lives Matter.

"You shouldn't be racist towards travellers in 2020."


The group can then be seen marching down a street led by Fury towards "the next racist pub".

They begin chanting "TLM" again as they gather outside a pub in Morecambe accused of banning travellers from entering.

Fury then calls on Boris Johnson to come to the town to tackle "racism".

He added: "It's not OK to be racist towards travellers, it's not acceptable."

It comes after Fury shared a video of a doorman telling a man and his elderly dad they were not allowed to enter a pub because they are travellers.

During the video, a bearded doorman at the pub – which is run by Marston’s Brewery – explains his decision for not allowing the pair to enter.


He told the man there was an incident at the pub a few weeks ago involving travellers – but the men at the door insisted they were not present.

He said: “The brewery has been instructed by the local authority not to admit travellers.

“I’ve never come across you myself.”

The man filming the clip replied: “So my father-in-law there, 70 years of age, and there’s me, and we’re being refused by who? Marston’s?

“So you’ve had an incident here, a few weeks ago.” The worker said: “They have, yes.”

The traveller replied: “Were we involved in that incident? Were we even here?

The pub worker added: “I wasn’t on duty that night, so I couldn’t say.”

The exchange ends with the worker offering to shake the man's hand.

Fury said of the clip: "Racism in Lancaster 2020.

“How is this even possible in today’s society? Totally unacceptable behaviour. Racism at work.”

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