THE UK can expect some much needed respite from miserable wet weather, with sunshine expected to lift spirits before a washout weekend kicks in.

After wild winds, snow and icy conditions on Thursday, the country will wake to some warmer conditions tomorrow ahead of the weekend.

Temperatures plunged on Thursday night, triggering cold weather payments in some areas, while gales of up to 60mph swept across northern parts of the UK.

The Met Office’s wind warnings are set to expire on Thursday night, leading into what will be a frosty start to Friday morning.

A minimum temperature of -3 will chill parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England, with some frost expected in the North West of the country.

But the conditions will defrost slightly across the country, with most parts of the UK enjoying sunshine for most of the day, with only a few showers expected on Friday evening.

Saturday’s forecast is slightly less bright, with cloudy conditions predicted across the board.

Most of the country will see showers for the start of the weekend, which are expected to reappear in the afternoon.

The higher grounds of Wales, the North West and North South of the country will see rainfall of around 30 mm between Saturday and Sunday.

The Met Office says that while there is no weather warning in place for now, already flood-hit areas will feel the impact of more rainfall this weekend and will have a close eye kept on them for further updates.

Saturday will also see Thursday’s wild winds return in the afternoon.

Coastal regions in the North and West of the country will feel powerful gales of around 50 mph.

Gales are expected to pick up on Saturday evening and carry into Sunday morning, with high winds and harsh rain spells expected across England and Wales.

Sunday morning will again be frosty start, with some snow expected in Scotland’s high grounds.

Monday morning may also see some frost, and weather warnings may be enforced over the weekend, but the Met Office expects the sun will again shine following the frost and the country will experience another warm, wonderful day.

The Met Office also expects wintry conditions to continue throughout March with its long-range forecast warning of “sleet or snow showers” in the north of the country.

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