TRAVEL chaos is expected as snow drags over half of the UK down to sub-zero temperatures.

Weather warnings are in place across the country as icy roads and rails spell commuter hell for the morning.

The MET Office has warned that snow is expected across Wales, Northern Ireland, the midlands and the west of Scotland from 8pm Tuesday, lasting until 10am tomorrow.

The ice will creep southeast overnight, freezing the entire south coast as far north as London and bringing hail and slush down on us.

The freezing front barges across England as many communities are still recovering their losses from the relentless onslaught of two named storms – Ciara and Dennis – which hammered the country throughout early February.


The North and Scotland have been blighted by snow for most of the month already, causing crashes and blockages on the icy roads as people struggle to get to work and school.

Schools in areas like Newcastle have been pushing back their opening times to allow students and staff to tackle the dodgy roads.

The MET Office is warning that "wintry showers and icy stretches" are likely to cause "travel disruption" in the morning for millions of commuters who have been told to drive cautiously.

The MET Office said: "Wintry showers will fall as a mixture of rain, hail and snow at times, the snow mostly over higher ground.

"Some places are likely to see 1 to 3cm of snow, mainly above 200 metres, with 4 to 8cm possible over the higher ground in northwest England, Wales and west Scotland."

On Wednesday from midnight until 10am, a yellow ice warning is in place for much of the Midlands, southern England (including London) and Wales.

The warning stretches from Stoke-on-Trent to the southwest coast of England.


The warning reads: "A mix of rain and hail showers, with some snow over higher ground, is likely to leave surfaces wet overnight.

"Surface temperatures are then expected to fall below freezing with icy stretches forming in places."

The icy front is expected to ease off tomorrow afternoon, but there is a risk of "some snow" and rain returning as we go into a "wet and windy" Friday.

It's not all bad news though, the weekend is looking to be really quite mild and sunny, with a few light showers causing some nice rainbows.

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