The Met Office issued a flood warning this morning, with forecasters predicting "homes and businesses" are likely to be swamped with two inches of water.

The downpours are set to continue right through Friday and well into Saturday across the southwest parts of the UK, finally passing by 6pm.

The warning comes after temperatures plunged as low as -6C overnight – causing freezing fog and ice on the roads this morning.

Milder weather is forecast for the next few days in other parts of the country – but the cold snap and snowfall is predicted to return once again after the weekend.

Forecasters warned the UK could sit in "battleground" of cold temperatures next week as the mercury plummets following murky weekend conditions.

Cloud and drizzle is set to dampen northern parts of the country tonight while heavy showers will soak the southwest of England.

And it will be another frosty start to Friday, though brighter spells could break up the gloomy conditions in some areas.

Meteorologists said there's also a risk of "heavy, thundery showers" in the southwest as the weekend approaches.

Sara Thornton, director of digital weather company Weathertrending, told The Sun Online: "After a less cold few days, chillier air will start to seep back from the northeast by the start of next week, bringing a return to night frosts and perhaps a few wintry showers.

"The cold air is being brought by a large block of high pressure to our northeast, fending off milder Atlantic winds.

"However computer forecasts are increasingly ‘keen’ that the jet stream will blow the block of high pressure away after midweek, ushering in higher temperatures, wind and rain.

"The UK could sit in a battleground between mild and cold air later next week, and at the boundary between the two, some snowfall is possible."

The Met Office has warned the icy weather could continue for the rest of the week.

Meteorologist Alex Deakin last night warned icy cold winds and frosty fog patches will grip the nation.

There were also showers overnight in northern Ireland, Wales and south-west England, with cloud crossing eastern areas, "sticking like glue" and making it damp and drizzly this morning.

Clearer conditions across the west saw temperatures dip to below zero, even in towns and cities.

Rural areas felt a chill, first thing this morning, with people forced to scrape the frost of their cars after temperatures dropped to -3C, or as low as -6C in one or two places.

Parts of the country, including Exmoor, Wales, the Peak District and the Pennines, were blanketed in the white stuff while Surrey, Sussex, Kent and even London saw some flurries on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Snow settled on hills in the South of England, including the Chilterns, Salisbury Plain, The Berkshire and Wiltshire Downs and parts of The Costwolds.

The highest areas of the UK saw much heavier snow, especially in northern England, Wales and Scotland.

The Pennines, Cheviot Hills, the Eastern Highlands and the Grampians had settling snow throughout the day, along with surrounding areas.

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Misty and murky conditions has made visibility poor, while there was fog over parts of Wales and the Midlands – not great conditions for the Thursday morning commute.

Despite a frosty start, by the afternoon, temperatures will be up to 6C, but "it’s still going to feel cold, particularly with the winds across the south-west and the north-east," Deakin said.

He added that "temperatures are still below average for the time of year, and this cold weather persists through the course of Thursday evening, as does the cloud, and rain."

A spokesperson for the Met Office said that there will be freezing fog across the central and western parts of the UK, while the east will see "low cloud, but not freezing fog – there will be a west/east divide."

On Wednesday, John Hammond, chief meteorologist for Weathertrending told The Sun Online: "It’s currently snowing over parts of Salisbury Plain, The Berkshire and Wiltshire Downs pushing into the higher parts of The Cotswolds later this morning.

"This afternoon this area may affect parts of South and Mid Wales. There may be temporary slushy coverings here, before dying out.

"Elsewhere the main focus is for the highest parts of the Pennines, The Cheviots and The eastern Highland and Grampians.

"By tonight, most of any snow will have turned to rain and largely died out.

"Later tonight and tomorrow morning, freezing fog patches may be a problem in a zone from SE England, through the Midlands, Wales and northwest England. Temperatures may locally fall as low as -5C."

The Pennines were heavily affected by snow and cars parked at the The Tan Hill Inn – Britain's highest pub at 1732ft above sea level – have been covered by the white stuff.

The Peak District is no stranger to being blanketed in snow, but the heavy showers overnight combined with freezing cold temperatures left residents in awe of the November covering.

Early risers in Brighton were surprised to find their cars covered in snow on Wednesday morning.

Devil's Dyke in East Sussex has been particularly frosty with snow settling on roads and roof-tops.

Christmas came early for residents of Canterbury in Kent, as residents found cars, roads and gardens dusted with a wintry white, getting everyone in the festive spirit before work.

Brian Gaze, director and forecaster for the Weather Outlook told The Sun Online: "It will be very cold [Wednesday] night, especially in central and western areas where skies are most likely to clear.

"In one or two sheltered locations in the west temperatures could dip to -5C (23F)."

The hills of Ceredigion, Wales, were also dusted with snow after overnight flurries, much to the delight of early morning walkers who revelled in the sight.

Dramatic scenes in the hills are draped with cloudy white skies, as the snow shows no signs of stopping.

No weather warnings have been issued by the Met Office as yet.

A car came off the road on Wednesday morning after the heavy snowfall near the A628 in the Peak District.

The driver was said to been lucky to have survived after a wooden plank speared through the windscreen.

A van also crashed off the side of a road in the Peak District in the wintry weather.

The white van was pictured with a damaged bonnet on the side of the Snake Pass, Derbyshire, which was heavily affected by snow.


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