The Jacksonville Jaguars haven't officially signed Tim Tebow … yet. But if Urban Meyer's gushing about Tebow is any indication, the team is going to make the move soon.

Meyer spoke to Cris Collinsworth about the Tebow workout, and revealed exactly how things went down with the quarterback turned MLB player turned tight end.

Tebow story direct from the boss

— Cris Collinsworth (@CollinsworthPFF) May 11, 2021

Meyer began by saying the Jaguars have not signed Tebow yet. He then talked about Tebow's workout, saying Tebow was in the "best shape of his life" and approached the Jaguars about working out for them. Meyer said he was not at the workout, but his coaches raved about Tebow's performance. Coaches reportedly were impressed with Tebow's ball skills, and told Meyer that Tebow "looks like he's 18 years old," not 33. 

After praising Tebow's competitive mindset, Meyer reiterated the Jaguars haven't signed Tebow yet. But Meyer added he has to make a decision soon on whether the team will sign Tebow. 

Some NFL players not happy with Tim Tebow rumors 

Reports of Tebow's signing were met with frustration from some current and former NFL players. Dez Bryant expressed disbelief with the rumors, pointing out Tebow hasn't played in the NFL for almost a decade. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Devin Bush II couldn't believe Tebow got a job in the NFL before Colin Kaepernick. 

Even if the move becomes official, Tebow isn't guaranteed success. He would be playing a new position as a 33-year-old, and probably wouldn't be a lock to make the Jaguars. Tebow would need a good camp and preseason in order to actually make the team. 

If he can do that, maybe there's a chance Tebow can have a productive second shot at the NFL. If not, he'll at least get people to pay attention to the Jaguars for a bit. 

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