VANESSA Bryant is harnessing the power of love to heal while mourning the deaths of her husband and second-oldest daughter.

The mom of four shared a sweet video of their seven-month-old daughter Capri Kobe learning how to stand on her own two feet on Saturday.

"Do this again. Try it again, mama," Vanessa coos to her smiling toddler while Kobe's sister Sharia Bryant helps Capri – known lovingly as KoKo – sit back down on the floor.

"Good job Koko! Goods job," the 37-year-old says as her baby girl slowly stands upright again.

"Good girl, mambacita."

Vanessa continues to lovingly encourage her daughter before she affectionately tells her: "Good girl, sunshine. I love you."

She captioned the adorable clip: "My Koko bean. Auntie RiRi. #7months."

The Bryants welcomed their youngest "mambacita" on June 20, 2019.

Kobe was ecstatic to share the news with his millions of followers on Instagram in a photo of a fabric adorned with her name surrounded by flowers.

"We are beyond excited that our baby girl 'Koko' has arrived!! #bryantbunch #4princesses #blessed," he wrote.

A month later, Koko made her debut to the world in an Instagram photo shared by the proud dad of his little bundle of joy wrapped in a pink blanket.

"Our little princess Capri Kobe Bryant "KoKo" 6/20/19," he said.

We are beyond excited that our baby girl “Koko” has arrived!! #bryantbunch #4princesses #blessed

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Our little princess Capri Kobe Bryant “KoKo” 6/20/19 ❤️

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Just a few days prior, Vanessa shared a photo of Gianna grinning ear to ear alongside a red floral arrangement of the number 2, which her late daughter wore with pride on her Mamba Sports Academy jersey.

"My Gianna," she wrote. "God I miss you. I've been so lucky to have woken up to see your gorgeous face and amazing smile for 13 years. Wish it would have been until my last breath."

"Mommy loves you to the moon and back. Infinity plus 1," she ended the post.

Earlier in the day, she praised her late husband, whom she called "the best daddy" in an emotional post.

"Miss you so much," she captioned the photo of a smiling Kobe, adding that she missed him saying "Bongiorno Principessa/Reina."

The phrase, means "good morning princess" or "good morning queen" in Italian, affectionate nicknames he gave his loving wife.

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