A Victoria’s Secret model is taking legal action against a California hotel claiming bed bugs “massacred” her during a visit, according to reports.

Sabrina Jales St. Pierre alleged in a lawsuit that a 2016 stay at the Palm Desert Embassy Suites left her with bug bites that negatively impacted her modeling career, the Desert Sun reported.

The Brazilian model — who has worked for Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Valentino — sued the Palm Desert hotel for monetary and punitive damages.

Her attorney, Brian Virag, said his client encountered the bed bugs on the first night of her stay at the Hilton-owned hotel, and “eventually she was massacred by bites covering pretty much her entire body.”

“Like most victims of bed bugs, Sabrina also had nightmares about the experience, and she still experiences psychological trauma and fear of bed bugs today,” Virag told the newspaper. “This was especially traumatic for Sabrina because her body is her work, so this severely affected her work and her career.”

The lawsuit filed in Riverside County Superior Court claimed she suffered a severe reaction from the bites that required “extended treatment.”

Her modeling gigs were allegedly also impacted since she was “embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated” over the bug bites, according to her lawyer.

Hotel general manager Carlos Mendoza denied any allegations that the hotel didn’t take the proper precautions for pest control, the Desert Sun reported.

“The comfort and health and safety of our guests is most important,” Mendoza said. “Our experience with bed bugs though is that people travel with them and bring them to hotels. Once they are in our rooms, we take corrective actions.”

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