An unruly crowd in the Bronx fought with police and tossed a tin of Chinese food at a plainclothes cop while officers tried to make an arrest on Saturday, a new video shows.

The footage, posted to social media and shared with The Post, shows at least three officers in street clothes and bulletproof vests trying to arrest a man — as a crowd gathers to film the encounter.

The onlookers can be seen jumping in the melee during the one-minute clip — and at one point, someone shoves the officers off the man, whom sources identified as 20-year-old Angel Wimberly.

When the cops finally wrestle Wimberly to the ground, someone in the crowd can be seen tossing food at a cop. The video ends with the officer, covered in Chinese food, walking toward the man.

The incident, which led to one arrest and seven summonses for disorderly conduct, happened at about 10:45 p.m. Saturday when officers assigned to the Monroe Family Day for an annual BBQ at 1802 Story Ave. tried to break up a crowd on the basketball court, according to police.

“The officers gave multiple commands to disperse from the immediate area and the group of individuals refused to leave,” a spokesperson for the NYPD said.

Wimberly was arrested during the encounter and charged with resisting, obstruction and disorderly conduct, cops said.

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