President Trump’s spiritual adviser is calling for divine intervention in the razor-thin race for the White House, denouncing “demonic confederacies” against him while claiming “God’s decision” has been made.

Paula White-Cain delivered a fervent prayer Wednesday in Florida backing Trump as Joe Biden pulled ahead in the 2020 presidential election, taking aim at the “demonic confederacies” trying to steal the election from the current commander-in-chief.

“I hear a sound of victory,” White-Cain said. “The Lord says it is done. The Lord says it is done. For I hear victory, victory, victory, victory in the corridors of heaven, in the corridors of heaven — victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory.”

“For angels are being released right now,” the pastor continued. “Angels are being dispatched right now.”

White-Cain then briefly spoke in tongues before resuming her prayer in English, claiming “angels have even dispatched from Africa right now,” footage shows. She also claimed “angelic forces” were headed to the US to work on Trump’s behalf.

“They’re coming here,” a breathless White-Cain continued. “They’re coming here. In the name of Jesus, from South America. They’re coming here, they’re coming here, they’re coming here, they’re coming here, they’re coming here!”

White-Cain, the senior pastor of City of Destiny church in Apopka, served on Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board during the 2016 campaign and is his spiritual adviser, according to her website.


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