Weather presenter frantically solves Rubik’s Cube live on air during forecast after being challenged by news anchors

  • Lauren Olesky was challenged by anchors Suzanne Boyd and Eric Roby on WPEC
  • The Florida-based weather presenter managed to solve the puzzle in minutes 
  • In the clip she manages to successfully deliver her forecast at the same time 

This is the jaw-dropping moment a weather presenter solves a Rubik’s Cube in the middle of a forecast.

In the video, meteorologist Lauren Olesky is given the challenge of solving the puzzle during her broadcast by presenters Suzanne Boyd and Eric Roby on Florida news channel WPEC.

‘You may not know this but our Lauren Olesky can solve a Rubik’s Cube,’ Ms Roby says as Mr Roby fiddles with the cube at her side.

The presenter starts off solving the puzzle fairly nervously as she opens up her forecast looking down at the cube


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‘We have been mixing this one up Lauren,’ she adds, pointing at the cube, ‘So Lauren we have a challenge for you. We want to know can you solve this and give the forecast at the same time?’

As the Camera cuts to Lauren she says:  ‘I am going to try. I am very nervous, my heart is racing a little bit.’

Lauren, who was born and raised in Broward County, Florida, one of the areas covered by the station, sets off at a frantic pace. 

Footage shows her grappling with the Rubik’s Cube as she manages to maintain remarkably composed as she goes through the weather forecast.

At one point, the meteorologist breaks her train of thought and declares: ‘I think I’ve messed this up.’

But she eventually manages to solve the puzzle and is showered with praise by the two main presenters after achieving the feat.  

The clip has been viewed hundreds of times on social media since it was filmed on Thursday last week.

One YouTube viewer commented: ‘Very impressive. Great job Lauren!!’

While another said: ‘Nothing more wonderful than a smart woman!’ 

As she grows in confidence she takes her eyes off the puzzle and looks into the camera to discuss the weather

At one point she stops mid-way through and says ‘I think I’ve messed this up’ before carrying on

After a couple of minutes she manages to solve the cube perfectly and is greeted by a round of applause from her co-hosts

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