Facebook users now have a little more insight into how the social media giant collects information about us — both on and off the platform.

A new tool launched worldwide Tuesday — coinciding with Data Privacy Day — shows users a list of information that businesses share with Facebook about your interactions with them.

The tracking feature shows information that Facebook has collected about your activity off the app over the past 180 days. Here’s where you can find your full activity list.

When you visit a website or use an app, the companies typically share information about your activity and “interactions” with Facebook. Facebook then uses that information to “personalize your experience” — i.e. target you with relevant ads.

Interactions, as defined by Facebook, range from everything from opening the app to searching an item to making a purchase or adding an item to a wishlist.

Users are now able to see how the activity was received, how many interactions were recorded and by what company.

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